How To Warm Up Cornbread In Pan

By Barbara | August 27, 2019

You may not finish all the cornbread you’ve made in a single day. What happens the next day? The bread becomes dry and crumbly.

This can be disappointing especially if you don’t like throwing food away. It would be a waste to do that especially if the corn bread has not gone bad. You may also want to incorporate your cornbread into your next meal.

I recently discovered a secret on how to enjoy your leftover cornbread muffins. All is not lost after freezing your bread. You just need to reheat it in a way that doesn’t make it dry out. Here’s how you can reheat your cornbread in the pan.

In Pan

Did you know that you could heat up cornbread in a frying pan? This seems to surprise most people, yet the method can leave you with warm and crunchy muffins or bread. All you need is a pan or skillet from your best cookware set.

You can serve your warm bread with hot soup, roast beef or mashed potatoes and have a complete meal. If you are looking for comfort food to eat during the winter, then this is a great choice.


  1. Start by heating your pan on medium heat. If you are warming up your bread with different kinds of food, then you should put the food in the pan. If it’s just your quick bread, then you can pour oil or butter in the skillet and twirl the frypan to help the oil spread to the edges too.
  2. Put the corn bread in the pan and let it get warm.
  3. Turn it over and let the other side heat too.
  4. After 10 to 15 minutes of doing this, your bread will be ready, and you can remove it from the pan.

The muffins will be crispy on the outside and moist on the inside. Some people prefer this compared having it all soft.

What Is Cornbread?

Most of us are familiar with the bread made from yeast or eggs. However, there is a type of bread that does not require these two leavening agents. That is what we refer to as the cornbread or quickbread.

Leavening products are essential because they help to make the dough and batter light and soft. People discovered that you can still prepare your bread without using eggs or yeast to give them softness and texture. That is how the idea of quick bread was born.

Some people prefer corn bread because it can be prepared quickly. You can also rely on the fact that the bread will come out fine even if you do not use the bread machine.

The ordinary yeast bread needs a lot of time and skilled labor to come out great, and they rely on climate control. If you decide to go with quick bread, you won’t worry about these issues.

Cookies, muffins, cakes, pancakes, scones, banana bread and soda bread are examples of quickbread that you can bake. There are a lot of recipes available online. Some are even a bit on the wild side, like the cornbread waffles with chili.

It is challenging to heat up the cornbread because the absence of eggs and yeast means that the bread cannot remain soft or light for long. However, there are warming methods you can use that will not dry it out.

Here is a quick and easy cornbread recipe from Fifteen Spatulas.

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