Sachi Insulated Lunch Bags

By Barbara | August 30, 2020

Sachi Insulated Style 34 Lunch Bags - Moroccan Navy and Palm Springs
Walking along the streets n your way to work with your Sachi Fashion Insulated Lunch Bag, no one would think your lunch is inside.

It looks like a purse and not a lunch bag. You will not seem like you’re off to school to bring your child his lunch.

It looks classy and gives you plenty of room to fit in your lunch and snacks.

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Sachi Insulated Lunch Bag Features

Lots of Space Inside

Inside the Sachi lunch bag, there is more room than you thought there is. It can carry your lunch box with your meal in it along with your bottled beverage like water or tea.

Add some packs of crackers for your snack and toss in a fruit or two. They will fit in easy inside.

There are two side pockets which give you more places to put it anything you wanna bring along: a few of tea bags, or water flavoring.

Don’t forget to bring along your utensils and you can just lay it on top of everything else or in a small zipper compartment you find in the bag.

Looks Classy

If you love to bring your lunch to work but don’t want to look like you’re going to school, the insulated Sachi Lunch bags will be the perfect bags for such purpose.

They are available with several different wonderful designs that make it look like a fashionable purse or a small laptop bag.

You can easily bring it along with you and it will go together nicely with your outfit.

Insulated Lining

To keep out dust or rain, there is a drawstring closure.

In the bag, you’ll find an insulating material lining the insides to keep your food warm or cool enough. It is easy to clean as well; just wipe it off with a damp rag.

sachi insulated lining

And if you want to keep your food cool, you can place the bag inside the refrigerator. Just fold down the handles and it will fit right it.

This is a classy bag to bring your lunch and snacks so get one now.

Sachi Bag Colors and Designs

Sachi Fashion insulated lunch bags come in different shapes and colors that will become the envy of your co-workers and friends.

With over 20 choices, you are sure to have a unique lunch bag that you can bring with you always.

Here are the designs you should look out for:


  • Black
  • Burgundy



  • Blue Floral
  • Orange Floral
  • Pink Floral


Roses and Shapes

  • Blue Rose
  • Magenta Rose
  • Blue Squares
  • Circles


  • Black with White Dots – 36-036
  • Burgundy with White Dots – 36-037



  • Gray Woolie
  • Magenta Woolie
  • Red Woolie



  • Silver Hobo
  • Lime Hobo
  • Brown Hobo

Other Fashionable Designs

  • Pink Squares
  • Pink Squares Speed
  • Pink Asian
  • Cream Hearts
  • Cream Hearts Speed
  • Dark Blue

Sachi Crossbody Insulated Lunch Bag Cheetah

sachi crossbody insulated lunch bag cheetah