Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Kitchen Scale Reviews

By Barbara | March 14, 2018

If you are shopping for a kitchen scale that is not only precise and functional but also looks great, the Ozeri Touch Ultra Thin Digital Kitchen Food Scale is a perfect choice.

Every time you need to weigh your cooking ingredients or anything else, this little gadget will be a great tool that will help you out.Ozeri Touch Professional II


Compact Size

iPhone size scale? Not really. LOL. Still, with its advanced design, the Ozeri cooking scale is an ultra-thin gadget similar in thickness to an iPhone.

You can bring it with you to your cooking school by merely putting it in your purse. Its size is half of a regular sheet of paper so it can comfortably fit into your bag without getting in the way.

Weight Range From 0.1 Oz Up To 12Lbs

The flat platform is equally durable. It is made of tempered glass with a black under-covering. This adds to the aesthetic value of the unit.

Also, it can weigh in increments from 1/10 oz up to 12lbs. It can display its measurement in ounces, grams, pounds, and kilograms for your convenience.

Since the platform is flat, you can practically weigh in different shapes of cooking vessels on it.

Large LCD Screen

There is an LCD screen where the weight readout is shown, and it is relatively large for easy reading.

Using four GFX sensors, you are assured of a sound reading and accurate measurements.

Touch Sensitive Buttons

The buttons are touch sensitive so that you can hover it, and there are no bulging buttons that could get in the way.

There is also the critical Tare function to determine your ingredients net weight.

Modern Design

Ozeri is a quality food prep scale that offers portability and convenience to you and your cooking. The contemporary design is a great plus if you have an ultra-modern style kitchen.

The tempered glass platform is easy to clean, and the accessory is easy to store. So, if you are looking for a gadget that sports precision and sleek design, Ozeri Ultra Thin Digital Food Scale has it.

Available Colors

  • Black
  • Lime Green
  • Red Engine
  • Teal Blue
  • White

Customer Reviews

This cooking tool is built to be the best food scale around, and customers have hailed it to be just that.

The most compliments it has received is regarding its size, which is compact, and it can be fitted just about anywhere in a tight kitchen space. Its shape is thin and attractive and provides no hassle when being handled quickly.

The glass covering it is hard yet easy to be cleaned, so it does not face any issues in hygiene maintenance.

The reading on the screen is quite large, and so it can be read without hassles from a distance which saves time while managing a lot of ingredients at once. Just one sheet of glass as the surface means food will not get stuck in between.

The only notable downfall the Ozari unit could garner is its lack of consistency. It has been reported to give different readings depending on the part of the plate upon which the food is kept.

Nonetheless, Ozari is a well-trusted company, and that goes more for the Ozari digital scale, which has left its other competitors miles behind in terms of effectiveness and usability.