Ninja BL810 Review – Ultimate Dual Stage Blender

By Barbara | February 20, 2018

One doesn’t simply ignore the need for a good blender. More so when it has the word ‘ninja’ in it! In all seriousness though, the Ninja’s line of exemplary fruit juicers and blenders have stirred the interests of a large number of dedicated users.

ninja ultimaThe newest Ninja Ultima BL810 Blender is fresh, sleek and everything one could expect from a quality blender.

In terms of slicing up fruit to a fine pulp and making mincemeat out of ingredients, this version excels among most others in the market.

It has a variety of useful features that has cemented its and Ninja’s legacy to elevated standards.

Ninja Ultima Blender BL810 Features

With 1500 watts of power under its belt, the Ninja BL810 Blender packs a strong punch.

2.5 horsepower establishes itself as a professional blender without a doubt, proved by the fact that it can obliterate even tough ice and fruit skins to juicy liquids.

Vegetables can be cut down using its sharp blades, which runs at high cyclic speeds that is enough to mush solids into smooth greasy substances.

The powerful blender has advanced controls in its speeds, with 10 counts in each pulse.

It is a dual-stage machine with 72 oz pitchers (which is worth 9 cups). The motor base is the BL810 version, and the quad blades are removable for cleaning and adjustment.

The Nutri Ninja cups that come with its sale are excellent additions, and they complete the overall usefulness without the need to buy extra products.

Ninja BL810 Pros and Cons


The features alone are pros of this Ninja blender. However, further plus points can be noticed from the positive customer reviews on this product.

For athletes and regular exercisers, this kitchen gadget is especially helpful in serving quick protein shakes and healthy drinks, which can help restore the energy lost in a tiresome run. Because it is able to crush fruits to perfection, the output contents are always fresh and lack impurities.

The cups are also helpful in making the blending process further, and they eliminate the need to waste time fetching extra containers. The blades are proficient in slicing a wide range of ingredients, so the variety is never an issue when making something with this blender.

Comparable to the Vitamix food juicers, the Ultima Blender is faster, and it grinds to more accurate details. It produces impressive consistency in its end results, which is always a pro for blenders.

Even coffee beans can be re-grinded using this wondrous kitchen tool. Its power and durability is something a regular user can always depend on.


Unlike a lot of modern blenders, the Ultima is loud. It produces a considerable amount of noise when used, and so, it ends up causing disturbances around a busy household.

The lid is apparently a bit tough to remove, but that is a very minor issue compared to the myriad of amazing features this appliance possesses.


All in all, the Ninja Ultima Dual Stage Blender BL810 is an awesome kitchen appliance. It definitely serves it purpose in all ways and forms, and no one can go wrong in buying one of these nifty tools.

From every day ingredient grinding to professional detailed mashes, Ninja Ultima Blender can be trusted without any hesitation.