By Barbara | January 11, 2019

My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Utensils I Cannot Live Without

Below you can find few of my most treasured small kitchen utensils and accessories I can hardly live without.

#1 Terro Fruit Fly Trap T2500

Fruit flies are one of the biggest annoyances that are literary driving me crazy. Luckily there is a cheap and easy solution – Terro 2500 Fruit Fly Trap.

Everyone hates those buzzers flying around the room especially when you are preparing food in your kitchen.

Different products promise to eradicate those fruit flies, but some seem to be total failures.

The Terro Fly trap T2500 has been effective in attracting pests and trapping them in the jar.

Terro T2500 packageWhen you have finally decided to get rid of those annoying flying insects that carry potentially harmful materials, get one of these traps and see for yourself.

Answer To Your Bugs Problem

If you are having issues with fruit flies and you have tried different traps as well as home concoctions, and they all have failed you, it’s time to get the Terro Fly Bait.

It is a nice-looking jar that is a little bit bigger than a golf bowl, and it contains a solution to eliminate the insects.

It would be the kitchen that might need this product, but you can also use it on your patio if there are insects there.

Where To Put The Trap?

You can place the fruit fly killer on the counter or near your fruit basket or other kitchen utensils. Also, the trash can is one of the breeding grounds and attractive places for flies so you might as well put one there too. To completely solve your problem, you place another on the windowsill so just as they are entering they are already trapped.

Take out the population of these critters by using the insect trap. Remember to replace the catcher rafter the liquid evaporates so you can eradicate the pests.

Some people find that the bugs land on the lip of the bowl and that makes it easier for them to kill the pests. The effectiveness of the catcher depends on the severity of your problem. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to eliminate the obnoxious insects if you are using one or two traps.

Put the Terro 2500 Fly killer in wise places, where the flies frequent so you can make the most out of it. Stop running after the pests. Get some of these and let it do the work.

Customer Reviews

Terro 2500 has been well received by all of its users. This thing does what it was built to do: catch and kill the bugs.

Customers have stated that all sweet tasting and even alcoholic drinks are now safe because the trap attracts the troublesome insects and gets rid of them. They mostly give the best results overnight, and the red liquid needs to be replaced from time to time as soon as it has eliminated enough bugs.

It is small, requires no additional set-up, and does not leave any lousy smell once the dead bodies of the flies start to get gathered up in it.

The only notable disappointment it has bought up is its effectiveness when compared to a home-made flytrap, which is sometimes not up to the mark. Despite that, this insect trap is a capable kitchen tool.


  • safe to use around kids, food, and pets
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • available as 1-pack and 2-pack

If you need a quick and easy solution to get rid of these pests and you don’t have time to go shopping, you can try making the DIY trap as shown in this video.

#2 Cooking Thermometers

Splash Proof Super Fast Thermapen Instant Read ThermometerIf you are a seasoned chef, you may think that thermometer is a silly toy used only by beginner cooks. I had a similar opinion until my husband got me Splash Proof Super Fast Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer for Xmas.

Now I am wondering how I have got away without this excellent gadget for so long. Cooking is a delicate art that requires careful momentary heating, something a thermometer accurately depicts, and it lets the user know when food has reached the desired temperature.

In addition to cooking thermometers, you may want to invest in a food thermometer. The kitchen is inarguably the hottest room in a house. So it is of obvious importance to have the temperature of such a place always in check. A cooking thermometer is capable of doing that, and more.

Latest meat thermometer models come with Bluetooth to allow effective multi-tasking while preparing meals in a hectic environment.




#3 Travel Mugs and Tumblers

I love to travel. A great travel mug or travel tumbler are two things I take with me everywhere I go. A travel would even be greater with a mug or a tumbler containing your drink of well-preserved temperature. Carrying a hot or cold drink is fantastic with these great mugs and tumblers.

You’ll definitely enjoy a coffee if it’s still hot or a cold juice. Even on the road, it is possible.

Click on the picture below to see the best-selling mugs and tumblers!


You surely are interested in these cool and amazing tumblers and mugs. With its definitive and appealing style, there’s no reason not to have one. There are various types and designs to choose from. The specifications would suit anyone well.

Travel Tumblers

These tumblers are doing a great job of ensuring that coffee is hot until done drinking it.

These offer great insulation and staying the content at the perfect temperature. Tumblers are absolutely fabulous.

These come handy, easy to clean, and very sturdy! Made with the unbreakable material, doesn’t leak or break! Overall, amazing!

A tumbler originally means a mobile structure with a lock and bolt that can be opened only in a specific way. This meaning has advanced with the introduction of travel tumblers. While essentially serving the same lock-and-bolt purpose, a travel tumbler is a specialized drink container that can consistently provide an optimum temperature for the liquid stored inside it. Due to this amazing quality, travel tumblers have made a name for themselves as premier partners of any adventure lover.

Recent travel tumblers are created to provide insulation in the best way possible. A hot drink can stay hot inside a travel tumbler for many hours, and can even keep an icy cool liquid constantly cold and refreshing. They are made of stainless steel, and that is what halts the heat from escaping the confined structure. A double wall vacuum exists between layers of protection; a feat of technology travel tumblers are proud to have achieved. The lids are excellent in stopping any content from spilling and provides valuable resistance from outside forces. Due to the steel body, a travel tumbler can prove to be a long-lasting object that anyone can benefit from using.

Commuter Thermal Mugs

Enjoy more of your travel with these authentic travel mugs that keep coffee hot.

Keep your tea hot and hands cool. Go anywhere and enhance the experience of your travel mug keeping your tea hot or your juice cold.

These work as great companions, work with hot or cold beverages. Work exceedingly well.

Mugs may simply be considered an everyday object, but one cannot deny the effectiveness of a travel mug. It serves a purpose that nothing else can: Providing the perfect drinking condition at any time or place, without the least bit of hassle. These travel coffee mugs are designed to be state-of-the-art, with improved temperature control and advanced stability when it comes to design and usage. The size of a travel mug is perfect; being an excellent balance between performance and storage compatibility.

Most modern versions are built with a stainless steel exterior that allows vacuum insulation to keep the heat inside at all times. This steel plating is what makes the mug so sturdy and reliable, as it is not only resistant to dents and scratches, but it also does not break under tremendous pressure and lets the inner contents stay fresh, always. The steel finish gives off an alluring shine and also ensures lifetime quality and service. The mouth of the travel mug is engineered to be able to pour a drink without a single drop, and the entire structure is built to consist a warm environment for a hot drink, for at least 6 hours.


#4 Cold Tumblers

green purple dotted cup

Keep cool with this Copco Sierra Cold Tumbler with a 24-ounce capacity. It is a great tumbler for your beverages.

If you commute each day and want to take a cold glass of juice with you, then you must get this cold drunk cup to keep your iced beverages chilled and efficiently refreshing.

This tumbler is also available in Orange, Royal Blue, Hot Pink, Purple, Brown, Brown Recycle, Clear Green, Clear Red, Clear Yellow, Damask, Green/Purple, Multicolored, and Purple/Pink.

Keep It Cold

Are you in search of an affordable plastic cup that does not spill your drink and efficiently keep the temperature just the way you want it.

Copco Sierra cold drink tumbler is much more than a storage cup. Aside from being a handy utensil, you can use every day in your home or office; it can accommodate more volume than other conventional cups you will find.Tumblers in 13 colors

Or Hot – If It Is Latte

Do you want to take that homemade latte to work?

Just pour it into your cold beverage cup, and you are good to go. Just make sure the drink is not scolding hot.

It can carry 24-ounces of your latte so you can enjoy it while on the bus and will still have plenty left when you get to the office. Unlike your smaller 16-oz or 20-oz cups, you don’t have to sip a little each time. Take down a gulp and feel refreshed.

Other cups don’t have stirrers so how are you supposed to make the contents well-mixed? You swirl the cup around and find that the liquid sloshes over the brim and spills out.

Now, this beverage container has a straw that is the same a stirrer, so you don’t have to deal with spills also because it has a tight lid.

5 different color Tumblers

You also need not wipe off the sweat rings of your glass on the table. This one usually doesn’t sweat so you can place anywhere.

It is easy to bring along with a brown grip around the middle.

Get your own tumbler set now and enjoy cold drinks wherever you are.

Features Summary

  • capacity of 24 ounces / 0.7 liters
  • classic ice coffee cup design
  • made from a durable BPA-free material
  • features stylish textured non-slip grip for safe and easy carrying
  • reusable straw designed always to stay put in the tumbler and works as a mixer
  • quarter-turn lid sealing mechanism
  • safe for washing in dishwasher safe, but hand washing still is recommended

What People Are Saying?

Customers have loved the durability of this cold drinks cup, with many mentioning they’ve been using theirs for years and it’s still looking good as new! A small portion of customers found the cup sweats too much for their liking, with a handful completely denouncing the product for this reason.

The size of the glass has been commented on positively by many purchasers, who say that it’s the perfect size for this type of product and that they’ve bought many others of this range. Another great feature often brought up by reviews is this cup’s ability to withstand the top shelf of the dishwater without scars.

7 colored cups

Some long-time users have mentioned the need for replacement parts, like the lid or straw, after the prolonged use, but unfortunately, these are not provided by the manufacturer.

Another issue some users have faced after long periods of use is that the glass starts to leak, probably after washing it in the dish washer too often. Others have mentioned that with good care of the product this is not an issue.

Although it is dishwasher safe, I still recommend that you use that cleaning method sparingly, as that seems to be the common reason why the cup starts leaking.

If you are worried about the price – it is affordable whatever available color you chose.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will this work for very hot drinks as well?
A: No. There is a chance that the plastic would melt. You should get a proper travel mug for your hot beverages.

Q: Does it fit into car’s cup holder?
A: Yes, it is designed to fit into standard size car cup-holder.

A: Is the glass double walled?
Q: The material used is not glass, and it is not double walled.

Q: Are there any similar products?
A: Check out Aladdin Migo Aero Insulated Water Glass with Straw.

#5 Useful Stuff For My Sink

kitchen faucetOne of the fixtures that makes a real difference is a functional kitchen faucet.

People are often tempted to buy a cheap faucet, and they will later discover that they have acquired a handful of problems as well.

These cheapies will last couple of years and use them will be a real pain. Poor ergonomics, awful design, etc.

Another thing people often do not pay enough attention to is a value of having a well-designed soap dispensers for a kitchen sink.

These days for 10-20 dollars you can get cute small dispenser which will not leak or tumble over. Add a bit more, and you will get an automatic one.

#6 Food Prep Tools

set of 3 cutting boardsThe two food prep utensils that play a significant role in my cooking room every day are cutting boards and food scales.

While the benefits of having a good chopping board are apparent, the upsides of using the scale are less prominent.

I use it for cooking new dishes I am not familiar with, but my daughter weights everything she eats. Fitness obsession, you know.

One of the additional utensils you should consider, especially if you are often cooking bacon, is the bacon press.

#7 Product Storage

OXO Good Grips 10 Piece food Container SetIf you get a great set of product storage containers (like OXO Good Grips container set), you will not even consider getting a cheapo set from a discount store.

#8 Glassware

Riedel Vinum Chablis Chardonnay GlassGlasses are the most alluring objects to be found in a modern home. Drinking materials named after the substance they are made out of, glasses help in making any dinner a success and any meal enjoyable.

Glassware need to be made delicately, having attractive external appearances while maintaining the required properties to hold liquid to drink at a moment’s notice.

Wine glasses are exemplary models that are available in designs such as vintage, flute, tulip, sherry, etc. to enjoy drinking different types of wines.

I have reviewed my favorite wine glasses from Riedel.