Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Pro Power Calf and Foot Massager Review

By Barbara | September 4, 2018

IMPORTANT! This model has been discontinued. Please check out current Human Touch models here!

It’s been a long day of work for me. After all the presentations and papers that I needed to complete, I feel tired.

All that I want to do is to leave the office and seek comfort from my own home. Once I arrive at home, I know that I can be relieved from the stress I have experienced the entire day.

What exactly do I need? Ahhh, foot massage!

Human Touch HT1350It was a year ago when I got myself a foot massage machine. I was once at a friend’s house when I saw such gadget.

I had the chance to give it a try. Right there and then, I knew that I needed one. It is one of the most frequently used products in my house now, knowing that it is the best to provide me with the relaxation that I need.

While there are many foot massager models that are available in this product category, one that I can specifically recommend is the Human Touch HT-1350 CirQlation Pro leg massage machine. Based on my experiences with this model, I am sure that it is something that many of you will like as well.

Essential Massager Features

  1. Ease of Use: For sure, you want to have a foot massager so that you can have your feet relaxed after a stressful day. To feel more relaxed, make sure to choose a model that offers ease of use. For instance, the control should be carefully placed and accessible. It should be as simple as possible to operate.
  2. Comfort: This is one thing that is linked to ease of use. When the massager machine is comfortable, it does not only mean that it is a breeze to operate, but also that it is able to provide you with a more relaxing massage. One thing that can make a specific model comfortable is through having a cushioned surface where the feet will be placed. This will also allow the massager to follow the shape of the feet during the process of having it massaged.
  3. Durability: Foot massagers can prove to be expensive. This is especially true if you are buying an expensive brand that is elaborate in terms of features and functionality. In this case, make sure that the product that you are going to buy had a smart design and built using high-quality materials. This will provide you with the confidence that the unit will last for an extended period of time, even with frequent use.
  4. Flexibility: By being flexible, it means that the massage machine must be able to provide you with different options on how you want the massage to be, such as in the case of the strokes that it does and the speeds that are available. A flexible foot massager can do precisely what you want and need to relax your feet.
  5. Price: Foot massagers can prove to be expensive. However, there are also affordable options that are available in the marketplace. If you are buying a cheap model, make sure to have it carefully evaluated to be guaranteed that quality is not compensated. More often than not, however, it is better to spend a little more if you know that it will deliver the best quality.

My Human Touch HT1350 Review

HT-1350 massager
I will not be recommending this model if I know that its quality is inferior. If there is one thing that I can assure you, it would be the fact that this is an effective massage machine that can provide the relaxation that is sought by your feet. Try it yourself, and you will understand why I have nothing but kind words about the product.

One of the best features of this model is the Figure 8 Technology, which is a patented innovation. This feature is responsible for being able to provide your feet with eight various massage techniques, depending on the area that needs to be relaxed the most. With the different movements that it can make, you will surely find what is best for your needs.

The controls are also conveniently placed, which will make it a snap for you to operate the unit. With such, you can easily access the buttons that can be used to activate the massager, as well as in the selection of the massage functions that you want.

More so, another feature that I personally liked this product is that it has three automatic massage functions. The first one is Refresh and Relax, which will allow you to enjoy alternating low and high speed and kneading. The second function is the Brisk Relief, which provides moderate kneading. The last is Underfoot Indulgence, which makes use of underfoot rotors for massaging.

The Easy Sleeve feature of this massage machine is another thing that makes this the perfect choice within the product category. The sleeves can be easily removed once it is already dirty. It is even made better by the fact that it is a breeze to clean, which will make it effortless to maintain its best possible quality even through the years.

Customer Reviews

If there is one good thing that I can say about this product, amongst many others, it would be the fact that it is highly effective in providing relief to sore feet. This is the same thing that has been expressed by many others in a variety of reviews about the product. For sure, this is one of the best ways to get spa-like treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, many of the reviews about the product were also focused on how it is versatile. It offers a variety of options when it comes to how it can be used. There are varying speeds and different massage functions that are available.

Lastly, the solid construction of this product is also commonly lauded in many reviews. It has solid built and used excellent materials, which are indicative of its ability to last for an extended period of time. This is also indicative of its ability to provide the best value for your money.

Additional Items to Consider

If you are thinking of buying the HumanTouch CirQlation Pro Foot Massager, I suggest that you also take a look at the uComfy Leg, Foot, Calf, and Ankle Massager. This is another popular option within this product category. I have not yet personally tried it, but many reviews seem decent. Nonetheless, I would still go for the HT brand since it as already tried and tested.