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By Barbara | September 22, 2020

Some things are harder to find such as these Harley Davidson insulated cooler bags. These are lunch cooler bags that you cannot find easily in stores. HD bike owners would love to get one of these lunch boxes that they can take with them when they go out riding.

Some men love to bring along some lunch as well as beverages with them when they go somewhere: to work or out with a bike ride with friends. It would be really wonderful to have a bag that is durable and sturdy to keep their lunches in.

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Harley-Davidson Cooler packs and totes

Harley-Davidson Oversize Bar & Shield Lunch Cooler 99339-08V

Harley-Davidson Oversize Bar & Shield Lunch Cooler. 99339-08VHarley-Davidson Oversize Bar & Shield Lunch Cooler. 99339-08VCheck Price

This lunch bag is a big one to accommodate lots of foodstuffs. It measures 11”x 7”x 9”.

That amounts to a lot of inside space for your husband’s food. You can get him to bring a lot of food since it will fit into this oversize bag.

Durable Lunch Bag with Twin Zippers for Easy Opening

Men love power lunches and their appetite is really huge. So to compensate for that, they have to bring a larger lunch bag like this bag.

It is made of ripstop polyester that will prove to be durable with two zippers to pop open the top lid.

The top lid is also where the handle is found. By tugging at the handle after opening the zippers, the top lid can easily be opened. The handle also allows for easy carrying anywhere.

Harley-Davidson® Bar & Shield Lunch Tote 99326-08V

These bags are really difficult to come by. They are durable bags that will go nicely with an HD bike. It will also hold up pretty well with the rough ways men tend to handle their things.

This bag is smaller compared to the HD Oversize Lunch Cooler and its dimensions are 10”x 5” x 6”.

Handle and Shoulder Straps with H-D Graphics

This bag has two means of carrying it. It comes with a handle that is on the top lid so it can be hand-carried.

Or through the use of the adjustable and removable shoulder straps that also have Harley Davidson graphics on it. You can sling it over your shoulder if you expect to have your hands full. This is extra useful when mounting a bike since you can just strap it in your body while your hands are on the handlebars.

Harley Davidson Skull Cooler

Picnic Time Harley-Davidson Insulated Renegade CoolerPicnic Time Harley-Davidson Insulated Renegade CoolerCheck Price

This cooler bag is a great addition to a Harley lunch bag especially if you go bike riding each weekend. Round up your friends for cold drinks that you can store in this cooler bag.

This Skull Cooler can hold up to 12 beverage cans. It has a zip-top that completely opens to reveal the insides of the bag.

Embroidered Skull – A Cool Graphic

There is a front pocket embroidered with H-D® skull graphic. The shoulder straps are adjustable as well and it is also made from ripstop polyester.

Harley Davidson Cooler Bag With Radio

Harley Davidson Insulated Cooler Bag with Built-in AM/FM RadioHarley Davidson Insulated Cooler Bag with Built-in AM/FM RadioCheck Price

A cooler bag for the chilled drinks or a bass dropping boombox for the quick hangouts, or why not both?! In today’s time, any combination is possible. Hence, the Harley Davidson insulated cooler bag with radio.

It is made of a long-lasting, high-quality nylon webbing which makes sure that all the cold goodies inside the bag remain chilled all the time. The Harley Davidson Cooler Bag With Radio has quite an amount of space to keep bottles inside it and has a sturdy shoulder strap which will make it easier to carry.

Now to talk about the radio; it features a built-in AM/FM which can be tuned manually and two high-quality speakers.

There is nothing to worry about any liquid interfering with the electronics because all the electronics are properly insulated. It equips an XBS bass boost to add the extra pump to the listening experience and also has an aux input and a headphone jack which provides many options.

Now those who want to be the party starters, this is definitely recommended for them.

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