How To Choose A Lunch Bag – Insulated Lunch Bag Buying Guide

By Barbara | September 29, 2020

In several reports published in the past, it has been noted that women, on average, own at least 21 handbags and purchases a new one at least once every three months.

This can be attributed to the fact that with the abundance of the choices that are available, it becomes harder to choose the right one, which is why many resorts to owning as many as they could.

If you want a functional handbag, more often than not, you will end up with one that does not look good at all.

People have started bringing in homemade lunch in their work premises because of two important factors- health and cost.

It is estimated that more than $1500 expands yearly in purchasing lunch which increases the risk of obesity and other health-related diseases that are a menace for health-conscious and fitness freaks.

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Chic lunch bags become trendy to carry food in style. Why should food be kept out of fashion? After all dull and unfashionable plastic and brown paper lunch bags will kill your stylist and the perfect look.

In this article, we will provide you with the assistance that is needed in looking for a handbag that will be perfect for you. This will increase the likelihood that you will have a bag that is both practical and attractive.

Insulated Lunch Bag Buying Guide

Design and Function

One of the primary factors that should be taken into account would be the intended purpose of the bag. In turn, this purpose will dictate the design that will prove to be most appropriate for your needs.

Think about the things that will be kept inside the bag, where you will be going, or the outfit that you will wear along with the bag.

If you are looking for a bag that will be used daily, it is good to choose one that is lightweight, which will be easy to carry even for the whole day or when walking long distances.

If you want a bag that is going to be used for taking your meals to work, you can choose a style that is more sophisticated and roomy, especially if you bring a laptop or tablet.

Bag That Suits Your Body

While style is an essential consideration, keep in mind that you should also consider how the bag will highlight or flatter your body. Make sure that it does not make you look ugly. Instead, it should highlight the best parts of your body. Choosing a bag that suits your body type will surely lead to making a purchase that leads to a high level of satisfaction.

One of the things that should be given emphasis would be the size of the bag that you will buy. If you are short and petite, it is good to choose smaller handbags as it will make you look taller.

On the other hand, if larger handbags are chosen, you will appear smaller. If you are taller and slimmer, you should settle with mid to oversized bags. Choosing smaller bags can make you appear larger as it highlights your size.

When it comes to the shape of the handbag, make sure that it is opposite your body type. For instance, if you are short, a long rectangular handbag will prove to be perfect if you want to appear taller. If you are slim and tall, the round handbag will be the ideal choice.

While others may think that it is not important, you should also consider the length of the handbag. In most cases, bags that hang up to the mid-torso will prove to be the best. More so, if you do not want to highlight your bust, it is better to choose handbags with longer straps so as the attention can be diverted.

If your body has a pear or triangular shape, which can be characterized by having wider hips and waist than your shoulder, it would be wise to use a satchel handbag that hangs between the waist and the hips. This will lead to creating a more balanced figure. For rectangular body type, on the other hand, having a bag that hangs up to the waist will help create an illusion of a curved body.

Before making any final choice, the best thing that you can do is to fit the bag and see how it looks in front of the mirror. Choose one that will be able to create a more flattering look.

Signs of Crappy Handbags

Once you reach a decision that you need a new handbag, you will be confronted with an amalgam of choices. Unfortunately, this can give you a hard time.

Before getting settled, make sure that you know the different signs that should be given attention, which will make it possible for you to easily tell if the bag is crappy and if it is not worth spending.

  • Low-quality straps – Choosing a bag with straps that are too thin can be bad as it will be indicative of short life. Make sure that the strap is ergonomic so that it can provide the highest level of comfort.
  • Too many compartments – Having too many divisions or pockets can prove to be a bad thing. Rather than helping you to keep things organized, it can lead to confusion when it comes to where you placed smaller items, such as keys.
  • Heavy weight – When a bag is heavy, it becomes difficult to carry, especially if it is intended for everyday use. As recommended by the USDA, the weight of a handbag should not go above 2.2 pounds.
  • Inferior materials – The materials that are used in a bag will be indicative of its quality, especially durability. If it is made from leather, make sure that it is soft and not stiff like plastic. Keep in mind that leather requires proper care. On the other hand, if it is made from canvas, see to it that it can endure external conditions that can be possibly damaging to its quality.

Essential Considerations

The following are some of the most important things that will separate the good choices from the bad ones:

  • Stitching: This will make sure that the bag will last for a long time. Low-quality stitches would mean that it will break easily or that it will be unable to support the weight of the things kept inside the bag. Make sure that the stitches are done in the consistent patterns.
  • Closures: It is important to check the zippers and see that they will glide smoothly so that you can have it opened and closed easily. If there are buttons, see to it that they are properly placed and that they can be locked and unlocked with ease as well. The same things should be true for clasps and other closures.
  • Straps: The straps should be ergonomic, which means that it will be able to promote the highest level of comfort for the user. It must be made as well from high quality materials and should be connected properly to the main body of the bag.
  • Parts of the bag: It is recommended that you choose bags with fewer parts, such as latches and buttons, among others. This is because if there are fewer parts, this means that there will be lesser ways by which it is possible to break the bag.
  • Other details: At the end of the day, make sure to inspect not only those that are highly visible to the naked eye. Inspect the finer details carefully, such as the interior pockets. See to it that the bag is perfect in and out.

Handbags should be seen as investments. It will not hurt to spend a little more if you are sure that it will be equated with high quality. When trying to choose the best insulated lunch bag in the marketplace, evaluate your options carefully.

Research online and ask around from people you to know to be provided with help and increase the likelihood of choosing a handbag that you and other people will appreciate.

Popular Insulated Lunch Bag Brands

Companies like Sachi, Vera Bradley, Built NY, and Thermos Raya are promoting the alternatives of plastic and paper lunch bags by introducing stylish lunch bags for men, women, and kids.

Designers are giving them fashionable touch and presenting them in a wide variety of cool and eye catching prints, design, styles which are light weight, compact and affordable. They are perfect to tote food items for work or on the go.


Insulated lunch bags by Sachi are the fastest growing brand.They offer unique and dozens of purse-like bag for carrying lunch.

Sachi fashion Lunch totes are available in variety of practical and sparkling designs and sizes featuring insulated interior, side pockets with shoulder strap.

They meet to all USA government food safety requirements and are reusable. Their attractive quality is fully lined thermal insulated interior which keeps food and beverages cold or warm for hours, they are also leak proof.

Since they are water resistant therefore they can be wipe using water towels without causing any harm to the bags. Removable and adjustable shoulder straps made them easy to carry.

Sachi Fashionable Lunch bags are spacious therefore besides lunch many other things can be store in them.

Built NY

Colorful prints with insulation are forte of Built NY lunch bags.

The renowned isolating neoprene material is used as a material for these floral patterned Built NY Gourmet Getaway bags. Neoprene make NY lunch bags are durable and lost lasting to carry snacks and drinks to work, school or park in a fashionable way. They are washable in machine and stain-resistant.

The best thing about bags like Extra Relish lunch totes is that they can be easily folded flat. They are big enough and suitable to carry water thermos and snacks which can be kept at their temperature up to 4 hours. Soft-grip handles, inside pockets, sturdy zip closure are other features of these pretty sacks.

Built NY has also created a fun product line for kids – Munchler lunch bags.

Vera Bradley

Vera Bradley Let’s do lunch collection are comprise of cozy and comfortable lunch bags.

They are popular in women because of their delectable and endearing prints and look cool and posh. Pretty floral and polka dots style present them eye catching.

They are insulated therefore maintain the temperature of items in the bags. Water bottle and a full meal can be placed in the lunch bags which are equipped with large zipped opening.

Adjusted shoulder straps, large zipper opening and an ID window makes it convenient for the job.


Thermos Raya collections are based on lunch duffel bags, coolers and thermos bottles and lunch boxes.

The insulation vacuum insulation technology in thermos and isotec layered insulation structure maintain temperature of the items kept in them. Extra wide top makes the accommodation of large container easy.

Classic style, floral and colorful patterns, polka dot design makes them super fancy and attractive for kids, men and women. Nylon and polyester fabrics are used for the materials to make which are 100 percent PVC free, are heat-sealed and adjusting straps makes them comfortable to carry.

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags are must-have for any modern parent. Big enough to carry everything you require for your baby in a typical outing, you can find the one you like online with very convenient prices ranging from $20-400 depending on your budget.

Companies like SoHo and Fisher provide an extensive range of diaper bags for both men and women.

Brands like Vera Bradley, Skip Hop and Thirty one are also sure to grab your attention because of their awesome looks and wallet-friendly range. These diaper bags are classy, stylish and are available in various colors, shapes, and designs. These Diaper bags aren’t limited to women either, as it is a must for modern men as well.

For those men who want to take care of their baby without looking like a male nurse, diaper bags are the answer to all their problems. Many online stores also offers an extensive collection of male diapers with items from brands like Diaper Dude and Cgecko.

Bags For Men

Harley Davidson Insulated Cooler Bags

Harley-Davidson Cooler Bags

When it comes to professional bags, Harley Davidson’s Insulated Cooler Bags are a definite front runner. These bags are everything that true bags should be: sturdy, compact, easy to use, spacious, and very reliable in all aspects of the appliance.

They can be used to store tools, stationeries, and even delicate items. However, cooler bags are especially convenient in storing food. As the term ‘cooler’ might suggest, these bags can keep food cool and at optimum temperature at all times. For working people on the go, these bags are helpful because they halt lunch from going bad.

They are easy to clean and come with a handy strap that makes it easy to carry. Harley Davidson bags are filled with a lot of space and is built to keep a lot of items together at once. Their shield-like systems provide extra protection and ensure safety for all the things stored inside them.

If you do not belong to the HD crowd, you can find more generic-looking lunch bag for men.

Leather Messenger Laptop Bags for Men

With the rising popularity of laptops, laptop bags are in high demand. Thus, there is an ever-present need for quality laptop bags, especially in the shape of leather messenger bags.

The latest laptop bags for men are made with genuine leather that provides a strong layer of protection. This level of safety is needed to make sure that the inner mechanical parts of the laptop do not ever get damaged.

Men who prefer trendy designs also require stylish bags, so modern laptop bags need to be available in various designs. Laptop bags do have a common style of exterior design, though, as they all have a main compartment that is unlockable by the front cover.

Various sections exist to store small parts, and a number of big compartments to keep the bigger parts that come with a regular laptop use, such as the charger and the multi plug. Leather messenger laptop bags for men have taken the market by storm.

Sacko Lunch Bags

Sacko Lunch Bags are one of a kind. While they look like ordinary bags from the outside, inside, they are completely insulated. This unique design lets them keep stored food at optimum temperature, which is perfect for any working adult and school going kid.

Not only can these bags be used to keep valuable everyday materials, they can also stop the food from going to waste, meaning that the lunch will always be served warm and delicious. The popular Sacko Lunch Bags are quite big in size, but is still quite easy to carry around.

They come with helpful shoulder straps and a number of compartments that combine effectiveness with variety. Sacko Lunch Bags also feature PEVA lining, which helps further in insulation. They are also found with additional cooler units and nets that can store water containers.

With these amazing bags around, you won’t even need a tiffin carrier. Among all the brands of lunch bags, Sacko stands above the rest due to its user-friendly functions and features that is sure to help any user.