Breville BOV650XL Review – The Compact Smart Toaster Oven Reviewed

By Barbara | April 11, 2019

If your old bulky space consuming oven has stopped meeting your needs, you should read my Breville BOV650XL review to learn why it would be an excellent purchase.

Are you looking for a new modern oven? Or are you looking for an easy to operate a non-conventional oven?

Well, if those mentioned are the criteria you’ve been looking for your new gadget, then you will definitely love Breville BOV 650XL Compact 4-Slice Smart Oven with Element IQ.

Breville Counter Top Toaster Oven BOV650XLCheck Price

BOV650XL Functions & Features

The BOV650XL is an 1800- watt 3/5- cubic foot 4- slice oven. It has a modern design which will definitely compliment the interior design of your kitchen. The best thing about it is that it is a smart appliance in a portable size.

The BOV650 features a backlit LCD screen; a Time/Temp control dial; defrost button, and a temperature switching button for smooth operation.

The Breville compact toaster oven has a durable tempered-glass door which smoothly slides down when opening.

The rack comes out easily preventing you from getting burnt. The door is wide enough to allow easy viewing of your food inside the machine.

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Breville Element IQ™ Cooking Technology

Breville’s Element IQ “smart” technology is designed to put the power where it’s needed the most. Ensuring energy-efficient operations.

The Element IQ technology automatically adjusts the power and calculates the cooking time. For each of the 8 pre-set functions available you will have a computed cooking time.

8 Preset Cooking Programs

This toaster oven has 8 preset programs:

  • Reheat
  • Roast
  • Broil
  • Toast
  • Bagel
  • Bake
  • Pizza
  • Cookies

You can also modify each of the pre-sets. Set your own time and temperature for each program to accommodate your individual preference.

These new settings for each pre-set are stored in the oven’s own memory. So you don’t have to change anything next time you use it.

Backlit Easy-Read LCD

The oven has an easy to read LCD screen. This screen displays the current function, temperature and adjustments made.

The screen illuminates orange, indicating preheating and cooking. The screen lights up blue indicating the end of the cooking cycle.

  • When using the “Toast” and “Bagel” function, the screen displays the browning settings. Settings range from 1 (lightest) to 7 (darkest) and the number of slices which range from 1 to 4.

  • When using the “Bake,” “Roast,” “Pizza,” “Cookie” and “Reheat” function, the screen displays the temperature that you are using. The temperature is measured in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
  • When using the “Broil” function, the screen displays the preset BROIL temperature of “HI.” The pre-set “HI” can range from “HI” (high) to “LO” (low).

Pull-Out Crumb Tray

The toaster oven comes with a pull out crumb tray.

The tray is a great feature, and you can remove it without opening the glass door.

It is as straightforward to clean as the stainless steel exterior of the toaster oven. Hot water and soap make it look like new.

Other Features

  • Auto-eject rack – no
  • Interior light – no
  • 3 designated rack position options:
    • Top position – BROIL function
    • Middle position – TOAST, BAGEL, PIZZA and COOKIE functions
    • Bottom position: BAKE, ROAST, and REHEAT functions
  • 1-year warranty

Dials and Buttons

The appliance comes with 5 dials and buttons.

  1. Start/Cancel button
  2. Function dial
  3. Temperature & time dial
  4. Temperature conversion button
  5. Frozen Foods defrost button


dials and buttonsPress the START/CANCEL button to start the oven.

When you first use the oven, pressing the START/CANCEL will activate the unit. The button will illuminate red, the LCD screen will light up orange. After that, the oven will be ready to use.

After cooking cycle is finished, the oven will alert a sound 3 times. The START/CANCEL button will stop illuminating, and the LCD will display a blue color.

You can press the button at any moment to stop the cooking cycle at any point.

Function Dial

Use the function dial button for selecting one of the 8 pre-set programs available to you.

Temperature Control & Time Dial

Use the TEMP/TIME dial to change the cooking temperature or time.

Pressing the dial will activate the display. The corresponding temperature or time will be displayed on the screen afterward.

Turning the dial to the right will increase the settings, and turning it to the left will decrease them.

The dial also controls the Darkness Level setting and Slice selection control. This is used for the TOAST and BAGEL toast settings.

Temperature Conversion Button

Use the Fahrenheit/Celsius Conversion button to convert the preset reading of the oven. It’s used to switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius readings.

Upon pressing the button, the “F” symbol will be replaced by the “C” symbol on the screen. Use this button when using one of these functions: BAKE, TOAST, BROIL, PIZZA, COOKIE and REHEAT.

The button switches from Celsius to Fahrenheit as well.

Frozen Foods Defrost Button

Select this button while using the TOAST, BAGEL, BAKE and COOKIE cooking functions. It is also the default setting on the PIZZA function.

The Frozen Foods button adds extra time required to defrost your food. It’s also used to toast frozen bread or bagels and cook the frozen pizza or cookie dough.

While using the TOAST, BAGEL, BAKE, or COOKIE function, the button can be selected before or during the cooking cycle. The setting can be de-selected again by pressing the button. The LCD screen will display the frozen symbol whenever this setting is in use.

When using the PIZZA function, the frozen foods is the default setting. The symbol will show on display. The setting can be de-selected before or during the cooking cycle.

compact smart toaster oven Breville BOV650XL review


  • Wattage – 1800 Watts
  • Quartz heating elements – 2 on top / 2 below
  • Weight – 19 lbs


  • Exterior – 16-1/2in x 14-1/4in x10in.
  • Interior – 12in W x 12in D x 5 1/2 in H (with 4 1/4 in usable height)

Breville BOV650XL Box Contents

  • Toaster oven with a removable crumb tray
  • 10″ × 10″ enamel baking pan
  • 10″ × 10″ enamel broil rack
  • Wire rack


Breville BOV650XL vs BOV800XL

Breville BOV650XL vs BOV800XL

People are often asking about the difference between Breville BOV650XL Compact Smart Oven and BOV800XL smart ovens.

The key difference is the convection feature – the more expensive Breville BOV800XL DOES have it.

In some markets, the manufacturer supplies Breville BOV670 which is basically BOV650XL with an added convection function.

The Breville BOV650 XL is a smaller version of the BOV800, ideal for small household and countertops. But it has the same “smart” feature which allows you to bake small batches of cookies, a 12″ pizza, and bagels. The larger model can take a 13-inch pizza.

Also, you can toast 4 bread slices at a time, roast a chicken, or broil. And like the bigger BOV800XL model, BOV650 also has the Element IQ smart sensor technology which puts the power where it is needed.

Breville BOV650XL vs BOV450XL

Breville BOV650XL compact vs BOV450XL mini smart oven

Please leave a comment below if you are interested in the comparison of Breville’s Compact and Mini Smart ovens.

Breville BOV650XL Reviews From Customers

Breville BOV650XL is a ‘smart oven’ in both name and usage. It contains features which were never thought of before, and it has been successful in gaining a large level of interest after its initial release.

One of the owners in his Breville BOV650XL review points out how this oven has been working flawlessly for two years, which means durability is never an issue where the Breville BOV650XL is concerned. Backed up by Breville’s outstanding service in kitchenware, this fantastic model is able to prepare almost all kinds of food; from sweets to savory to sour.

Keeping track of the food stored in the house and having them eaten at the right time is never worry where this model is concerned. Common food, like toast and desserts, can be re-heated using multiple available features, cementing the term Smart Oven, by being a powerful device in all rights.

The controls are fully electronic and no specific complaints have been raised about the Breville BOV650XL’s structure. The lack of design flaws, with a LED screen, helps the everyday users get more from the oven.

The door is easy to open and the tray is made of strong metal that will never deform in excessive heat.

The strength of the Breville BOV650XL is exactly what causes its downfall, as customers have reported the overall power of the machine to be strong enough to burn food if close attention is not paid. Still, this flaw is more or less subverted by the existence of an auto-off function.

image of cooked meat on the baking pan from toaster oven review video


Pros and Cons


The door is very easy to open

The tempered glass door is very easy to open. The door has a large handle on it so make sure you use the handle during cooking. The glass will let you check up on your food without pausing the food prep. Make sure you use the handle so you don’t get burned.

Quality made trays

Breville has included tray/racks made out of solid material. They don’t have the look or feel like cheap metal pans.

trays and pans

Auto shut off function

When the countdown timer reaches 0, the appliance shuts off automatically. This function works great even with the desired timer set in place, not just the default.

LCD Display

The LCD screen displays the cooking settings and their properties.

The screen changes the background color to let you know if the machine is on. Also, it tells you when the oven is ready to use.



One of the main problems of the Breville toaster oven is the price. But I feel that with all the features it is well worth it.

If the Brevile BOV650XL significantly exceeds your budget, please check out my best toaster ovens under $100 review.

Heating Problems

After a year or so of usage, there have been reported heating problems in some cases. The bottom heating elements can burn out early on leaving you to have to flip your meal to get it evenly toasted.

There has also been reported problem that some toaster ovens never reach the desired maximum temperature of 450°F.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it have a convection feature?
A: No, it does not. If you absolutely need convection function, check out more expensive Breville BOV800XL or similarly priced Cuisinart TOB-195.

Q: Where is the appliance made?
A: It is designed in Australia and manufactured in China.

Q: Is the toaster oven large enough to bake a chicken?
A: Yes.


The Breville toaster oven is a handy appliance. Element IQ technology is something well thought. The 8 pre-set programs are excellent, giving you flexibility. You can change the settings on the programs to give you the desired temperature.

The LCD screen is amazing with different displaying properties for each cooking setting. It alerts you when the oven is ready to use, and when the oven has finished cooking.

I believe for the price, the Smart Oven is a great buy for your kitchen. I hope that after reading my Breville BOV650XL review you feel the same.