Best Toaster Ovens To Buy In 2018/2019 – Reviews and Comparisons Split By Price Ranges

By Barbara | January 10, 2019

If you are shopping for the best and top rated toaster ovens for 2019 you should keep reading. You will learn about the best and top rated toasting ovens and find out where to get the steepest discounts and best deals.

These days prices of this type of ovens are decreasing so quickly there are no many reasons to continue using the regular toaster. Just save a bit more money and get more advanced cooking tool!

Lets start with most popular price range – under 50 dollars.

Best Toaster Oven Under $50

If you do not need the gadget with a full list of bells and whistles, you can find a great oven for as low as $30 or $40 or $50.

Have some extra cash to spend? Then you can get a more functional oven that will have most of the necessary features for just about $100. You will have the majority of your cooking needs covered and will not think about getting a replacement at least for a couple of years.

#1 Black+Decker TO1303SB (Affordable & Popular)

BLACK+DECKER 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Stainless Steel, TO1303SBCheck Price

Sporting an extra-deep curved interior, the Black & Decker TO1303SB is a beauty. Making use of 1200 watts of power, this oven promises a 2-year warranty. It has up to four types of cooking functions: baking, broiling, keeping warm and toasting.

With measurements that makes it easy to fit in 9-inch pizza or 4 slices of bread, TO1303SB features a ready signal bell. It also has a removable crumb table, along with other accessories, all of which are easy to clean.

The Black+Decker TO1303SB offers the user up to four different positions for cooking. A good value for the price, the oven also has a timer that works for all four cooking functions. The temperatures are marked in both Celsius and Fahrenheit, allowing easy operation. Also, this prevents errors while setting the temperature for cooking or heating food.

The user gets a free manual along with the oven. Filled with instructions, it is equivalent to an extra helping hand when baking goodies in the kitchen. A bake drip pan is also included in the oven set.

To see more toaster ovens priced around 50 dollars, please scroll down to the chapter reviewing toaster ovens under $100. Some of them cost only cents above $50, so I can not put them in the the ‘under $50’ group.

Small 2 and 4 Slice Toaster Ovens

Small toaster ovens often fall into the price range under 50 dollars.

Most often than not the kitchen counter space is limited. If you are in this situation and you do not have enough room for a full-size toaster oven, you should think about getting a compact toaster oven.

If you are looking for cheaper and smaller appliance, these 3 models are well worth checking out.

Elite Cuisine ETO-113

ETO-113 Elite Cuisine ETO-113 Maxi-Matic 2-Slice Toaster Oven with 15 Minute Timer, WhiteCheck Price

Elite Cuisine ETO-113 is a decent choice if the small size is a must. It has a 4.5-liter capacity and can toast 2 halves of muffin or bagel or one small slice of pizza at a time.


  • 650 Watts power
  • Outside measurements: 13.25” x 5.25” x 6.5”
  • Broil, Bake and Toast functions
  • 1-15 minute timer


  • Small size
  • Simple controls
  • Very affordable price


  • Too small
  • No temperature controls
  • No crumb tray

Proctor Silex 31116R / 31118R

Proctor Silex 4-Slice Toaster Oven, Black (31118R), One SizeCheck Price

The oven from Proctor Silex (available in white as 31116R in black as 31118R) is one of the best options that can be taken into account.

This is multi-functional, which can even prove to be useful as a broiler. You will not be limited to the things that can be done with this model, making it a perfect appliance to have in the kitchen.

It is designed with an easily accessible heat selector, which will allow you to choose the temperature that will prove to be best for the toasting that needs to be done.


Oster Toaster Oven, 4 Slice, Black (TSSTTVVG01)Check Price

Lastly, you might also want to take a look at the Oster TSSTTVVG01.

One thing that makes it an excellent choice is its visual appeal, which makes your kitchen look more elegant. It is sleek and curved. Additionally, it has black finish and silver accents, making it perfect for sophisticated kitchens.

Common Features Of Cheap Ovens

Among various features, these units have the following:

  • Up to 4 different functions: Almost all the ovens have baking, broiling, keeping warm and toasting functions
  • It comes with a roomy interior: All ovens could fit at least four to six pieces of toast
  • They feature a ready signal bell
  • Temperature knobs have temperatures as high as 450 degrees
  • They come with a removable crumb tray: These are very easy to clean and dishwasher-friendly
  • The interior of all of these ovens are non-stick

Best Toaster Ovens Under $100

With a couple of more dollars, users could easily buy ovens priced under 100 dollars. These too help you bake your lasagnes perfectly and cook your hotdogs quickly and easily.

With a few extra details, these ovens are user-friendly and easy to use. Here is some information on a few of them.

#1 Oster TSSTTVMNDG – Popular

Oster Black/Polished Stainless Model TSSTTVMNDGOster Large Capacity Countertop 6-Slice Digital Convection Toaster Oven, Black/Polished Stainless, TSSTTVMNDGCheck PriceRecognized as one of the best products of 2011 in a leading consumer research magazine, the Oster TSSTTVMNDG is a toaster oven that allows faster, more even cooking. This is thanks to its smart convection technology. With an extra-large interior, you could easily fit your favorite pot chicken inside this appliance.

The stainless steel Oster TSSTTVMNDG comes with an external, removable crumb tray. It has two rack positions. Also, this appliance makes use of digital controls. Moreover, the interior light helps with easy viewing. While cooking in the convection bake setting, this oven is quiet, unlike many others.

This sleek unit has the many cooking options including bake, convection bake and broil. Sporting a separate defrost button, the Oster TSSTTVMNDG also has an oven clock. Whether your recipe calls for a 500 degrees oven or you want to melt the parmesan over your lasagne at a low temperature, this oven will produce results that live up to your expectations.

#2 Cuisinart TOB-80N (Rising Talent)

Cuisinart TOB-80N Compact Toaster Oven Broiler, Stainless SteelCheck Price The Cuisinart TOB-80N has four functions: toast, bake, broil, and keep warm. The temperatures and cook times are customizable. Containing a hands-free auto-slide removable crumb tray, the TOB80N has a non-stick interior that is easy to clean.

This oven comes with a recipe book, allowing you to choose from various recipes. It also teaches you a couple of useful cooking tricks. The Cuisinart provides a 3-year warranty for the appliance.

A counter-friendly device, this oven has a spacious interior. Moreover, the user also gets a free broiling rack.

With easy controls, the Cuisinart TOB-80N sports a stainless steel look. You don’t find yourself touching the same contols multiple  times to get it complete a task as the dials work perfectly.

The TOB-80N is user-friendly, allowing even kids to operate it with ease. Whether you want your toast a light golden or really dark, the Cuisinart toaster oven functions impeccably. Heating is convenient as this appliance beeps thrice after heating cycle is complete.

#3 Cuisinart TOB-40N (Powerful)

Cuisinart TOB-40FR Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler, Silver (Certified Refurbished)Cuisinart TOB-40FR Custom Classic Toaster Oven Broiler, Silver (Certified Refurbished)Check Price The Cuisinart TOB-40N is a convenient appliance that has four functions: toast, bagel, bake and boil. Its interior is non-stick and could easily hold a large pizza. Also, the non-stick feature makes cleaning simple and effort-free. The front of this oven is made up of stainless steel, which makes it look better.

Operating at a power of 1800 Watts, this toaster oven is intelligent with its always even toast shade monitors which make sure that your toasts are exactly the way you like. Adjusting timing is very simple and consistent. With rubberized dials, a cool touch handle and a removable tray, the Cuisinart TOB-40N is a smart choice.

The auto side-out rack allows easy removal of hot cooked food. The automatic shutoff feature prevents the user from burning themselves. The Cuisinart TOB-40N is smart with a cord storage that takes up the excess cord. It also has a wide temperature range for the temperature dial, from 150 degrees to 450 degrees.

#4 Hamilton Beach 31330 (Highly Rated)

Hamilton Beach 31330Check PriceUnlike many toaster ovens, the 31330’s convection cooks food evenly. It has a roomy interior; a large pizza would fit inside easily. This appliance has the following functions: toast, bake, broil and keep warm.

The Hamilton Beach 31330 looks simple and elegant with a large, curved glass door. It is available with a black and red finish. It comes with an auto-advance rack, giving easy access to the user. It comes with a baking pan, broil rack, and removable slide-out crumb tray.

Other functions of the 31330 include the 30-minute timer. It comes with a ready bell that indicates the end of the heating/cooling cycle. The temperature selector has a wide range of 150 degrees to 450 degrees. The exterior does not get hot and thus, this appliance is user-friendly even for those of us who are very clumsy. For the toaster function, a knob allows you to choose between light and dark toast.

#5 Hamilton Beach 31511 (Modern & Stylish)

Stainless Steel Hamilton Beach 31511Check PriceThe Hamilton Beach 31511 is stainless steel beauty that uses up to 74% less energy compared to a typical toaster oven. It has the following functions: bake, broil, and toast. Using a 30-minute time, this appliance has an auto shutoff system. It also has a loud and clear ring bell that indicates the end of the cooking/baking process.

This appliance holds the ability to fit a medium-sized pizza. The temperature knob allows the user to raise the broiling temperature to up to 450 degrees. The unit also has a cool touch handle that assists in the easy opening of the oven door. Therefore, you don’t find yourself burning yourself in the process of operating the oven.

The 31511 is 27% faster than many of the other ovens found in the market. Moreover, it isn’t large or bulky. If necessary, relocating this excellent unit will not be a hassle.

Common Features

Out of the many features, the best toaster ovens under 100 dollars posses the following features:

  • Toast shade monitors: These help your toasts achieve your preferred shade of golden
  • Cool to the touch handles: No more burning your hands
  • Spacious interior: Most of them could hold a large pizza inside
  • Digital controls
  • Often have exteriors made out of stainless steel
  • Basic functions, including: bake, broil, and toast
  • Several models in this price range including Oster mentioned above, have convection fan that circulates the hot air in the oven.

Best Toaster Oven Under $200

3 of the best silver toaster ovens in 2018

From left to right – Black & Decker CTO6335S / Breville BOV450XL / Cuisinart TOB-195

Readers are often asking – what is the top rated toaster oven below 200 dollars?

If you have a bit more money to spend, you should look into ovens from Cuisinart and Breville. You can start by checking out our Breville BOV650XL review and Cuisinart TOB-195 review.

At the moment we are looking into several more expensive ovens like:

  • Breville BOV450XL
  • Cuisinart TOB-260N1 and TOB-135N
  • Cuisinart TOA-60

High End Toaster Ovens

Are you ready to spend more than $200 or even $300 fot the top of the line oven? We are looking at the selection of more expensive toaster ovens and planning to review them. Check back soon!

Models I am looking at:

  • Breville BOV900BSS
  • BALMUDA Steam toaster oven

Features of Expensive Models

  • Roomy interior – 1 cubic foot or more
  • Multiple heating elements located above and below food
  • Electronic display
  • Multiple speed convection fan
  • More than a dozen pre-programmed settings including: Toast, Bagel, Broil, Bake, Roast, Warm, Pizza, Proof, Airfry, Reheat, Cookies, Slow Cook, Dehydrate

Breville Smart Oven / Plus / Pro

Have you been looking for an oven that can complement your kitchen? Or a stylish oven for a gift?

Well, Breville Smart Ovens will be perfect for you. As a gift idea, it will be magnificent and the receiver will truly love it. As a kitchen appliance, for sure you will love it.

Breville BOV800XL vs BOV810BSS vs BOV845

There are 3 similar models available:

  • Breville Smart Oven BOV800XL
  • Breville Smart Oven Plus BOV810BSS
  • Breville Smart Oven Pro BOV845

There are few differences – only the number of functions and available colors.

What Breville BOV800XL Smart Toaster Oven can do?

Breville Smart Oven is an oven toaster which can also be used as a conventional oven. You can bake, broil and toast using this product. It is easy to used and makes perfect out comes, especially if you follow the right recipes and instructions.

Breville BOV800XL has a modern and elegant style to match your beautiful kitchen. It is an 1800- watt convection toaster oven with a 4/5- cubic- foot nonstick interior for an easier hassle free clean- up. It is also incorporated with Element IQ technology which allows smarter control over the heat.

Choose from 9 pre-set functions

Have 9 pre-set functions to choose from; Toast, Bagel, Roast, Broil, Pizza, Cookies, Reheat, or Warm. Each comes with its own pre- programmed temperature and cooking time, to get rid of the guessing and allow you to relax while cooking.

If you don’t have a big range oven and you love to bake, and broil, and you’re also looking for a toaster oven, Breville BOV800XL is just the thing for you. You can make pizza, cookies, biscuits and bagels using just this oven. It less bulky and space saving, perfect for small kitchen and counter tops.

Breville BOV800XL is more than just an oven

Breville BOV800XL the Smart Oven 1800-Watt Convection Toaster Oven with Element IQ is very much advanced in every way, may it be function, capacity, ease of use, and ease of cleaning. The design is great and the quality is great as well.

Included accessories

The set includes an auto- eject wire rack; removable crumb tray; pizza pan, baking pan, and a broil rack!

Breville BOV800XL Oven has user friendly control panel; LCD screen for easy monitoring and offers 3 rack position.

Breville BOV900BSS The Smart Oven Air

Breville BOV900BSS is one of the latest additions to the brand’s toaster oven lineup.

While it shares multiple features with BOV650XL model mentioned above, Air Fry and Dehydrate modes are a new features. If you are shopping for toaster oven and also for a food dehydrator, it is a good idea to do some math and consider buying one appliance instead.

Stay tuned for more in-depth review of this exceptional machine!

Red Toaster Ovens

Hamilton Beach

The red toaster oven models from Hamilton Beach – 22703 Ensemble Toastation and 31335 Ensemble Toaster oven – are two of the best choices within this product category. By the way, both are available in black finish as well.

It is known for its energy efficiency, which is proven by its ability to heat and toast faster, as against the performance of the other models within the competition.

The 22703 model from Hamilton Beach is also known for its ability to do two things at a time. It is an oven with built-in 2 slice toaster that is located at the top of the machine.

Additionally, you can also use the inside of the unit as an oven.

Kings Brand

Kings Brand Red 6-Slice Toaster OvenWhen I first researched red toaster ovens, the vintage looking cookers from Kings Brand used to be a popular option for many people. They had a compact design, making it consume minimal space in the kitchen.

The simple design of the knobs was also worth highlighting, as they allowed users to be free from experiencing any complications associated with its use.

Unfortunately, they are not for sale at the moment, so I suggest to check out other options on Amazon by clicking on link above.

Zojirushi Oven Toaster Review

ZOJIRUSHI ET-GM30-BZYou will not find Zojirushi in Amazon best-selling toaster oven lists. This manufacturer is bettter known for its coffee mugs, rice cookers and bread makers.

Still there are many potential buyers who come to my blog searchig for the Zojirushi toaster oven review.

I am planning to review several Zojirushi units, but meanwhile you are welcome to check out Zojirushi ovens on Amazon.

Essential Toaster Oven Features

Interior and exterior dimensions

Cheap entry level ovens have can handle only two slices of bread. Not a large increase of efficiency in comparison to your old appliance. Check out larger ovens – they can do 4 or even 6 slices. Sounds just about right to me. If you are into cooking homemade pizza, get an oven that is large enough for 9-or 12-inch frozen pizza.

Easy To Use Controls

There are simple ovens with only 3 controls – timer, temperature setting, and cooking functions. These are great for making toasts and reheating leftovers and can be operated even by kids and elderly people. If you are planning to do some baking, you need to look for something more advanced.

Security Features

First thing I would look for is automatic shutoff feature. Another great to have feature is the auto-eject rack. It will help you to avoid burning your fingers when you need to remove hot food from the oven.

Ergonomic Features

My must-haves are the front-access crumb tray which can be completely removed from the oven. Have you tried cleaning non-removable try? I have. That’s not something I am looking forward to doing again.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Toaster Ovens

Toaster Ovens vs Toasters – What Are The Differences?

Regular toasters are excellent in doing one and only one thing – toasting slices of bread. It is a very specialized tool.

This appliance can help you to accomplish a lot more different tasks. Starting from roasting nuts, seeds, and garlic or melting cheese on your sandwich. Thinking about baking?  It can even bake some fresh cookies and cook a pizza!

In addition to that, the toasting oven can be a very good replacement for the microwave oven. Some people say that microwaves are harmful and can destroy the products. Here comes the alternative – toasteroven.

Where Can You Find Gourmet Toasting Oven Recipes?

More often than not, it is not enough that you have a high-quality oven toaster. It is also critical to know how it can be used properly, and more importantly, on what can be done with the use of such. It is not enough that you just use it to toast bread, as there are many other functions at which it can prove to be beneficial.

In order to maximize the use of your oven toaster, it will be good to have one of the recipe books that are available in the market at reasonable prices. With these, you will be confronted with limitless ideas to what to create with the use of the toasting oven.

We are still working on our fav recipes list. Got any great recipe? Please leave a comment!

What is the best toaster oven for seniors?

Coming soon!

What is the smallest toaster oven in the World?

Stay tuned!