Best Food Scale For Meal Prep – Top Rated Kitchen Scales Review (Updated Apr 2018)

By Barbara | January 10, 2018

For those people who spend a lot of time preparing the food and have a passion for cooking, certain essentials should be present all the time. One good example of such would be the best food scale for meal prep, which will help someone to make sure that everything is in perfect measurement.

With the use of an accurate kitchen scale, you no longer have to make a wild guess whenever you measure ingredients for what you are cooking. You can be sure that every component is in precise measurement, making it possible as well to bring out the best of the chef inside of you.

In the remaining parts of this article, you will be provided with insights with regards to the different kinds of meal prep scales that can be taken into account. With the differences in the brand, price, and features, among other factors, it is important to first evaluate all possible option before making a final decision.

four silver color food scales

Digital Pocket Scales

One of the best things about the use of the best digital pocket scales is that, as the name implies, it is digital.

Therefore, it is not just easy for you to see the exact measurement, but it will also be possible to have a more accurate measurement reading.

Another good thing that has been liked by many people who have already used the digital scales is the fact that it is convenient.

The portability of this utensil makes it possible to be transferred from one place to the other, depending on where you prefer the weighing to be done.

Also, the use of this kind of food scale makes it possible for you to get rid of power cords and scratches, because of the material at which it is built. There are also models of digital food scales that are equipped with expansion tray, for weighing more ingredients.

Mechanical Kitchen Scales

The mechanical scale will be perfect for those people who are concerned about the environment. This is mainly because this utensil does not require electricity or battery to function, which makes it environmentally friendly.

The stainless steel bowl that comes along with the mechanical kitchen scale is also a beautiful accent. The bowl is not just sturdy, but it also makes it possible to hold a large number of fruits and vegetables, or whatever it is that you will be measuring.

The sizeable clock-style display of this kind of a tool also proved to be beneficial for many users. It does not make sure of accurate measurements, but it also makes sure that the digits are readable.

Top Rated Kitchen Scale Brands


EatSmart Precision Pro Digital ScaleThe models manufactured by EatSmart are known for not just being pleasing regarding its aesthetics, but also with regards to the quality of its functioning. Many users have regarded how EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale is a very reliable companion in the cooking process.

Also, this kitchen scale will also allow you to do more than just weighing. It will let you measure the nutritional value of these foods, such as with regards to calories and fats, among other contents that can be accurately read by this equipment.

Equipped with the EatSmart Nutrition Facts Calculator, this unit will be a good choice for those who do not merely want to cook, but those who would want to prepare foods that are healthy. This will help you stay fit and healthy.


Ozeri Touch ProfessionalAside from having oversized buttons that make it easy to see the controls of the weighing scale, another good thing about the meal prep scale from Ozeri is that it has a shut-off feature that shuts the machine down after three minutes, making it possible to save battery life.

The Touch Professional Digital Scale from Ozeri (click here to read Ozeri Touch II Professional Digital Scale review) is among the choices that you will surely not regret. It looks like one of those revolutionary tablet computers. It is made of a tempered glass surface and touch-sensitive buttons, making it one of the most sophisticated looking kitchen scales in the market.

Many of the people who have been using food scales from Ozeri have noted that this brand has proven to be a formidable choice because of precision, ease of use, weight capacity, simplicity, ease of cleaning, and durability, and other things.


weighmax Ultra Slim Stainless Steel ScaleIf you want to turn your kitchen into a sophisticated space, the Ultra-Slim Stainless Steel Kitchen Steel from Weighmax will be an excellent choice. With its aesthetics, you will surely be able to amaze everyone who will be able to sport this item on your counter.

Many of the people who have tried the Weighmax products have also lauded how some of its models are very light and portable, making it an excellent choice for those people who are measuring not just in the cooking room, but in other places inside the house as well.

More so, Weighmax has also been regarded as a good choice because one of its models is equipped with a small bowl that can be detached. This is perfect even for measuring herbs. The size of the bowl makes it easy to carry, and can also be fitted inside your bag.


OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out DisplayThe efficient design of the kitchen scales that are produced by Oxo makes its one of the favorites in the market. Aside from its design, its products have also been lauded because they are user-friendly, making them suitable for those who have just discovered the joy of cooking.

The pull-out display is also a useful feature. In the platform of the scale, even if you put a large plate or bowl, with all the ingredients that need to be measured inside, you can be assured that you can still clearly see the weight because of the pull-out display.

There were also many customers who have noted that this product is very intuitive, making it excellent with regards to ease of use. In fact, many did not even need to read the manual before they started using the scale. That’s how easy it can be used.


Escalo PrimoThe Primo digital scale is among the units being produced by Escali. It is prominent in the market because of its compact size and straightforward design, without the complicated set of features that are offered by other manufacturers.

Also, another good thing about the Primo product line is the fact that they are available in a variety of playful colors. Choose one that will complement the theme of your kitchen. This is perfect for those looking for a functional and colorful scale.

Even if the Escali gadgets are not as cheap as the models from other manufacturers, it is still a common choice for many people, primarily because of its ability to give them the best worth of their money through its reliability and accuracy.

American Weigh

American Weigh AMW-SC-2KGEven if some of their food scales are offered at a low price, it does not necessarily mean that it is inferior regarding quality. One of their models has a low cost, yet, apart from an excellent look, it has been chosen by many because of its accurate measurements.

Also, many people admit that they have chosen this brand because of the highly functional design. It is sleek and thin, making it a perfect addition to your utensils collection. With its size, it is also straightforward to store.

If you don’t want to mess up upon during measuring, American Weigh makes a kitchen tool (model LB-3000) that has a bowl that can fit in all that needs to be measured. Also, if you prefer to weigh on the platform instead, the container can also be easily detached.


Cuisinart KS-55 Weight MateThe food scales that are produced by Cuisinart is popular because of its ability to provide a simple and efficient operation to the users. Even in spite of the high quality of its scales, users can be assured that its use will be a piece of cake.

The black and stainless steel design of the kitchen scales from Cuisinart is also a good thing. It is a standard feature among various pieces of kitchen equipment from Cuisinart. If you have other Cuisinart products in the kitchen, this will surely complement all that you already have.

Whether you are looking for a digital scale that will be used at home, laboratory, or business, Cuisinart will be a good brand of choice. It will be able to deliver an excellent weight performance, and most importantly, one that is accurate.


Soehnle 65105For those who are looking for not just a food scale but also an accent piece, the Soehnle Digital Scale 65105 would be an affordable choice. It has an extravagant design that is finished with brushed matte silver and has a glass platform.

While most of the gadgets offer a conversion feature, such as from gram to ounce, in many models, the button used to convert the measurement can be found under the scale. With Soehnle, it will be easier to switch because the conversion button can be easily located on the front.

If elegance is one of your priorities in choosing a food scale, there is no need to look for any other model than those manufactured by Soehnle. It will undoubtedly prove to be an excellent addition to your growing family of sophisticated-looking kitchen accessories.


I hope that after reading my short review chosing your best food scale for meal prep will become easier.