Best Infrared Oven Reviews | Guide To Halogen Turbo Convection Countertop Ovens For 2020/2021

By Barbara | November 13, 2020

Are you looking for a way how to cook food and keep it moist on the inside and brown and crispy on the outside while staying away from excessive use of fats or oils?

Then you should consider getting one of the best turbo infrared oven models of 2020/2021 I have reviewed in this article!

The oven of this type uses a combination of a convection fan and infrared heater to cook food quickly and evenly.

Designed to produce succulent meats, poultry, and fish, prepare most meals up to 50% faster than a conventional oven.

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Top 3 Best Infrared Convection Ovens Compared

If you are in a hurry, check out my selection of 3 models of glass bowl convection ovens.

Model Heating ElementPower, WattsCapacity, quarts
NuWave Elite Dome Countertop OvenNuWave Elite DomeCheck PriceEditor's ChoiceSheath heater1500ND
Oyama TRO-110COyama TRO-110CCheck PricePopularCoil heater130013
Big Boss Black Oil-less Air FryerBig Boss 9065 Air FryerCheck PriceLargestHalogen130016

These ovens do everything a conventional oven will do, only better, faster, and with substantially less electricity, saving energy. No need to thaw frozen meat, preheating or defrosting, for the best in flavor and taste.

Reheat like a king, and end up tasting as it did when you first made it. You will love the way these ovens cook!

Now let’s have a look at my selection of 5 best infrared ovens.

7 Best Infrared Oven Reviews

#1 Nuwave Elite Dome Oven (Highly Rated)

NuWave Countertop Elite Dome OvenCheck Price

With this Nuwave halogen oven, you can cook a wide variety of dishes at the convenience of your home.

Aside from the use of infrared heat, it can also utilize the power of convection and conduction heat for your various cooking needs.

Compared to traditional ovens, the NuWave Elite Dome Oven is superior when it comes to reducing energy consumption as it uses 85% less energy. Regarding cooking time, it is also commendable because it can allow you to cook quicker.

Many of its users have also liked the convenience of this infrared cooker. For instance, its many parts are dishwasher-safe, making it easy to clean. Also, with the NuWave cooker, there is no more need to defrost and pre-heat, as it will do all of the functions required directly.

In numerous Nuwave infrared cooker reviews, people often prize its lightweight design that can be attributed to the materials that were used. Because of that, you will not have any problem even if you will need to move the appliance to a different location.


  • Unique sheath heater technology
  • High 1500 Watt power
  • Lightweight design
  • Advanced digital controls


  • Higher price
  • Not great for baking

What is the difference between Nuwave Pro Plus and Elite?

Coming soon.

What is the difference between Nuwave Pro and Pro Plus?

Coming soon!

#2 Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer 9065 (Large Capacity)

Big Boss Oil-less Air Fryer, 16 Quart, 1300 watt, BlackCheck Price

The patented process at which the infrared halogen ovens from Big Boss can cook has been a frequent reason for the highest level of satisfaction of its users.

The process of cooking in the Boss cooker has been lauded because of its ability to maintain flavor and texture while the food is perfectly cooked.

The reason why people often use this infrared convection oven is its multi-functionality. It can be used as an oven and will also serve to be functional in reheating leftover foods, grilling, roasting, broiling, and baking, among other things. You can do all this with just one gadget.

With 1,300 watts of power, in spite of their compact size, the infrared ovens from this manufacturer are powerful enough to handle a wide variety of needs. Regardless of what you need to prepare, these ovens will undoubtedly prove to be significantly helpful in the achievement of the results that you expect.

While some people have noted that the Boss cooker requires some time to practice, after a short period of its use, you will be to learn about its different features and functions. By that time, you will find it easier to use the oven.


  • Large 16-quart glass bowl
  • Recipe book with over 50 easy and delicious recipes included
  • Multiple color options including Blue, Copper, Red, Graphite, and others
  • Great customer service


  • Learning curve – takes time to learn how to use to get the best results
  • Takes a lot of space

#3 Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Convection Oven (Popular)

Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Convection Oven, 12 L, WhiteCheck Price

The Oyama TRO-110C Turbo Oven is the infrared convection cooker of the future. This 10.5-quart (12 liters) cooker shaped like a kettle on top of a huge bowl is perfectly built to heat up healthy food to make it healthier.

Its heating element runs on electricity like all other ovens, but it lacks a halogen bulb, which is found in such models of convection ovens.

The controls are located at the top of the infrared convection oven in the form of dials, which can be rotated to adjust the timer and the temperature.

The cooking pot is made of glass, which gives a transparent look at the food being warmed inside. This pot is easy to clean and cuts down on maintenance issues. A wire rack is present to boil and to steam.

This oven has been known to cook a lot of different kinds of products without any issue and is especially proficient in preparing TV dinners. The product has a certain appeal to its design and is made to last for a long time.

Not only is it suitable for cooking or heating, but it is also an excellent partner for baking as well.

Underestimating the Oyama Turbo Convection Roaster Oven would be a mistake since it is capable of so much more than the other ovens in the market.


  • Affordable price
  • Cooks quickly
  • Easy to clean solid glass base and glass top
  • Available in white or black


  • The dome requires cleaning after each use to avoid grease buildup
  • Not large enough to cook for more than 3 people

#4 Secura 787MH Turbo Halogen Oven

Secura Turbo Oven Countertop Convection Cooking Toaster Oven 787MHCheck Price

If you are looking for the perfect cooking companion with a cooking speed comparable to the microwave, and with a cooking mechanism akin to the oven, the 787MH infrared convection countertop oven from Secura will prove to be an option that you will not regret making.

It may not be as cheap as Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven, but you will be happy you have paid a bit more for tried and tested quality.

It will also be the perfect choice for health-conscious people who would want to cook foods that will help them maintain good health.

This oven is well suited for low-fat cooking, which will allow you to get rid of excess fat that will do nothing good for your body.

If you are looking for convenience, this will also prove to be an excellent choice. Secura ovens can be washed with the use of a dishwasher, making it effortless to clean.

The infrared convection oven also comes with a self-cleaning function that helps in being able to maintain its high cooking quality and prolong its lifetime.

If there is another thing worth commenting on this countertop infrared oven, it would be the fact that it is easy to use. You merely need to select the required temperature and cooking time. After that, you can leave all the work on the oven and wait for the unit to cook your food perfectly.


  • Easy to use
  • Heats up quickly
  • Base made of glass


  • Large and bulky
  • Baking takes time to learn

#5 Fagor 12 Quart Halogen Tabletop Oven

Fagor 12 Quart Halogen Tabletop OvenCheck Price

Fagor oven has a capacity of 12 quarts just as its name implies. Its halogen cooking technology adds a level of sophistication to the external design and enhances the internal heating capabilities.

This appliance can perform tender heating to prepare food with excellent quality. It can do direct broiling and cook your meal instead of heating your kitchen.

The two layers of racks can be stacked on top of the other and allow simultaneous cooking at each layer.

The whole model comes with instructions, recipes, and a lid support rack to complement the main compartment. This oven is void of any flames or fumes, as the countertop grilling shapes the food to be deliciously edible.

Other than meat and rice, the Fagor halogen cooker can prepare vegetables via steaming and other food by frying. Best of all, this product is quite light (about 20 pounds), so you can take it with you on your long journeys.

You can use it in camps, boats, small kitchens, and dormitories without any hassle. The transparent glass pot shows the process of food cooking, which is an excellent way to kill time as well. It takes little space to fit, so it is perfect to use in tight rooms.

Fagor halogen tabletop oven has satisfied lots of customers since its release and has proved its worth brilliantly.

One does not have to worry about the state of their dinner and lunch with the Fagor 12 quart cooker in the house!


  • Cooks meat like a dream
  • Reasonably priced for the quality


  • Disassembling the lid required for proper cleanup
  • 3-legged wire rack flips over easily

#6 Klarstein Vitair Hot Air Fryer (Multifunctional)

Klarstein Vitair Black Hot Air FryerCheck Price

When working in the kitchen, some tasks tend to get quite tedious and messy, especially when you lack the experience of at least an amateur chef.

With modern technology comes great cookware like the Klarstein Vitair Air Fryer 5 in 1 digital multicooker.

It is a great alternative to deep frying as it uses 80% less fat in order to cook food so that you won’t feel the oiliness whenever you touch a piece of cooked chick breast.

We will take a look at the features in a minute.

First, you should know that it is not a bad thing to love fried food as long as you have it in a controlled amount. However, it is always best to choose a healthier alternative if there is one.

Now with this multi cooker, the option is wide open.


  • Weighs 13.4 pounds
  • Can hold a capacity of 22 pounds in the 9-liter cooking space
  • Fine adjustment available for temperatures between 120 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Broiler with a 1400 Watt halogen heat source
  • Rotating basket design that squeezes all the oils and bad fat out of the food being cooked.
  • Comes with a rotating spit that allows better cooking of whole chicken and turkey, insert tray, round metal plate, grill and 3D grill cage, chicken skewer and tongs
  • Easy to clean after every use

Customer Reviews

Customers are quite happy with all the features and they vouch for all the claims given by the product description.

One buyer was exceptionally happy with the deep fryer oven because of its versatility. He carried out all sorts of tests to push the appliance to its limit.

He also ordered an infrared cooker to compare the two. After use, the Air Fryer had better insulation that ensured thorough cooking and it was much easier to clean after use.

The fried chicken cooked in it was done under 25 minutes without any oil or breading. He put skin at the bottom of the appliance expecting it to get burnt, but it was surprisingly delicious and crispy.

The buyer was also happy with the way the deep fryer looked. According to him, it looked very much like R2D2 from Star Wars.

Other customers had similar things to say with the addition that the multi-cooker had more capacity than the deep fryers they previously used which is a good thing.


  • Powerful 1400 Watt heat source
  • Rotating basket design
  • Accessories included – spit, grill cage, and more


  • Big and bulky
  • Not suited for cooking rice


If a device, that looks much like R2D2, makes some of the most delicious home-cooked meal you ever had, then it is something you should get. However, make sure to get the right appliance and enjoy the benefits of this kitchen tool.

#7 Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven 51359

Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven 51359Ambiano Turbo Convection Oven 51359Check Price

I have noticed that the Ambiano oven looks similar to Oyama and Secura ovens. I am looking into the specifications to compare these appliances.

Say tuned!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Infrared Cooking Work?

These infrared convection ovens work with a patented trio of cooking methods:

  • Conduction to apply heat directly to food,
  • Convection to circulate the heat around the food, and
  • Infrared radiant heat to penetrate the food to cook from the inside out, leaving food moist and flavorful.

The tri-fold infrared cooking process enables the oven to use different cooking methods without preheating or defrosting.

Also, these ovens save you cooking time and energy compared to conventional cookers.

The last time most of us studied about heat transfer was back in school. I’m sure the word convection rings a bell. Well, that is precisely how the infrared cooker works.

Convection is when the heat is transferred onto another surface without any physical contact with it. Infrared waves can carry a lot of energy. This energy passes through the food, heating it up.

While some say it is not as efficient as grilling or direct conduction, it is much quicker since the food heats itself up instead of being heated up using another object.

A standard way to compare this is with the sun, which can burn our skin from millions of miles away even though the temperature involved is not that high.

When infrared hits, it initially heats the food on the surface, much like our skin by the sun. The molecules on the surface start vibrating at high speeds once they receive this energy. It causes friction between the particles, resulting in a lot of heat.

As the surface molecules start gaining high temperatures, it slowly starts to move inside as well, thoroughly cooking the meal right to its core.

Some models of infrared convection countertop ovens can create convection heating, which can help heat up the meal even faster.

Is It Safe To Cook With Infrared Convection Oven?

Infrared cookers’ wave sources scare some people and make them wonder about infrared cooker health hazards.

IR waves are part of the electromagnetic spectrum, the same spectrum that also holds microwaves, X-rays, gamma rays and more. Excess exposure to gamma rays or X-rays are known to cause cancer, but that is due to their frequencies and wavelengths.

Infrared waves, on the other hand, have a very different frequency and wavelength, that are not known to cause such drastic changes in our DNA or cancer.

Almost every form of cooking uses infrared energy in some way, like burning charcoal which emits high volumes of infrared. Or turbo convection broilers and barbeque grills that heat up meals using infrared.

In that respect cooking in an infrared cooker uses the same physics principles as cooking on charcoal grill or BBQ.

Still, you should take some precautions when using an infrared cooker, such as making sure the hinges are properly sealed and not loose, and making sure children are not around because it can produce high heat at times.

Infrared Oven vs Microwave

How is infrared cooking different from microwave cooking?

The method an infrared cooker uses is pretty similar to that of a microwave. They both make use of wave energy to heat up food.

One of the critical differences between the two methods is that infrared cookers heat the food from the outside in, while microwave ovens do it the other way around, inside out.

Most of the infrared cookers have a timer and heat dial. Some newer models contain a fan that helps create a convection current.

Microwave and toaster ovens, on the other hand, have buttons that are used to set the time. They are compatible with paper products and microwave-safe plastics, and regular cleaning is not necessary.

Countertop infrared convection oven requires cleaning after every use unless you are using specialized pans. Concerning cooking time, a microwave takes less time on average than an infrared cooker. And regarding taste, bread cooks nicely in the infrared oven but becomes rubbery in a microwave oven.

Infrared vs Halogen Oven

Infrared is the physical principle of cooking. Halogen is the type of heat source – the halogen bulb that emits the infrared waves.

Some infrared countertop ovens use other types of heat sources – coil heaters or, in the case of Nuwave ovens, sheath heaters.

Turbo Oven vs Convection Oven

The terms ‘turbo’ and ‘convection’ in relation to the oven mean the same thing. Turbo and convection ovens have a built-in fan that circulates the heat around the food and helps it cook faster and more evenly

Other Oven Types

I am now in the process of writing the FAQ about related similar oven types – turbo ovens, convection ovens, air-fryers, and steam ovens.

What About The PowerAirFryer Plus?

Power Air Fryer oven is one of the cookers promoted in TV infomercials. It works in a similar manner to the models discussed above and features a convection fan.

I quickly browsed the user reviews online, and I was not impressed. While on paper the fryer looks good with its 7 cooking modes and other bells and whistles, in real life it may not function so well.

Many users are claiming that the convection fan fails after a couple of months of use. Maybe I will write a dedicated review of this model, but at this moment I suggest choosing one of the tried and tested models mentioned above.