Best Foot Massager Reviews For 2018 – Top Rated Leg and Calf Massager Machines Reviewed

By Barbara | February 7, 2018

I will provide you with more insights on the different options that can be taken into account as you browse our selection of top rated and best foot massager machines for 2018.

With all of the things that I do for work and personal life, which, I assume, many could relate to, I experience a lot of stress.

At the end of the day, one that can help me beat the stress is a relaxing foot massage.

If you want to experience this same feeling of relaxation, I would suggest that you keep on reading the rest of this article.

Please scroll down to learn more about the leg and foot massagers or check out our comparison table with 10 best massagers selected for you!

4 types of leg massage machines

Foot Massager Types

  • Boot-type massagers treat your feet, ankles and calves
  • Slipper-type massagers work on your ankles and feet
  • Flat kneeding or vibrating models massage soles of your feet
  • Air compression massagers use built-in airbargs to create pressure
  • Mechanical massagers like wooden and plastic rollers, massage balls and rennis balls
  • Foot spas

Boot-Type Foot and Calf Massagers

Our legs do a tough job of supporting our entire body. Therefore, they’re bound to get tired and sore, especially if they don’t get enough rest and exercise. Not everyone can go to a spa to get massaged every single time they need one. That is why boot-type massagers were invented.

These massagers improve circulation of oxygen in your feet and relieve you of pain and discomfort. Advanced technology is used to ensure that you enjoy the benefit of relaxed and pain-free feet when in a comfortable position.

The boot-type massagers have adjustable tilt which accommodates your body dimensions. There are massage rollers at the bottom of the equipment to provide you with an excellent reflexology massage.

The best part about this technology is that it correctly massages your feet to give you the desired results. This is what allows the blood to circulate to the core of your body freely and to enable your calves to absorb new nutrients.

You can use the foot and calf massagers at home or in the office. If you experience pain in your feet, heel or ankles, then this technology was made for you.

Other people who can benefit from it include those who need relief from post-surgery pain or other kinds of pain, the ones under tremendous stress, struggle with circulatory problems like diabetes, or suffer from fibromyalgia or plantar fasciitis.

What is clear from the users of the foot massagers is that they help to relieve pain.

If you engage in activities that put pressure on your feet or work in an environment where you don’t walk much then you will benefit from these massagers.

There are different types of boot-type massagers. Let’s look at some of them.

Among others that are available in the market today, the foot and calf massagers are among the most relaxing. This is quite more expensive than other types, but I highly recommend them because of their very soothing effect.

There are two special mechanisms by which these massagers work.

First, they are equipped with special pressure nodes that will massage the feet. Once the feet are placed in such, the reflex points will be stimulated.

Second, these massagers are equipped with kneading discs. While the pressure discs will massage the feet, the kneading discs will be the one responsible for the deep massage of the calves and ankles.

On the top of the page, you can find a comparison table of 9 best calf massager models. Please click on picture or product name to learn more about it!

Human Touch® Reflex SOL

“Sol” Foot and Calf Shiatsu Massager with Patented Figure-8 Technology, Heat, Vibration, and Intensity SettingCheck Price

If you’re looking for technology that will give you a soothing massage, and leave you in a relaxed state, then the Human Touch Sol is perfect for you. You can have the massager in your home or workplace.

The Human Touch technology helps blood to move from your feet to the core of your body. In the process, the calves receive new nutrients which bring about the relaxed feeling.

Customer Feedback

I realized from my research that most of the people who bought the HT Sol massager suffered from stress, sore feet and conditions such as fibromyalgia, circulatory problems and anyone who needed relief from pain.

Something that stood out to me while researching on the Human Touch Foot Massager is that many people experienced positive results with the technology.

Some people said that the severe pain they initially experienced disappeared. Others attested to the fact that the pain significantly reduced.

Some users get on the Human Touch Sol Foot and Calf massager before bed because the massager relaxes their feet and legs. This is a great way to enjoy sound sleep.


The Human Touch Reflex Sol massager has under-foot massage rollers. This provides you with a powerful reflexology massage. Your sole and heel will love you for it.

The engineers have built advanced technologies in this unit. Therefore, it gives you the kind of massage you would receive from experts.

One of the things that users of the Sol love is the adjustable, easy tilt. This means that you can tilt the height bar to where you are most comfortable. Being able to relax your body in a comfortable position enhances the experience for a lot of people.


Majority of Human Touch users say that the success they achieved was accompanied by pain. When you first use the sol, you might feel pain when the massager is squeezing your legs. However, this lessens and disappears with more use.

Human Touch® Reflex 4

Human Touch Reflex-4Human Touch Reflex-4″ Foot & Calf Shiatsu Massager with Patented Figure-8 TechnologyCheck Price

The Human Touch Reflex-4 provides an extremely soothing massage and gives your extra comfort. Your home or office are great places to enjoy this technology because you can simply switch it on and disappear from the rest of the world.

The massager is the best device to relieve your feet of stress. The Human Touch Reflex increases circulation and makes you feel rejuvenated.

Customer feedback

I discovered that the people who have gained the most from the Reflex are those who stand for long periods of time, are stressed, suffer from Plantar Fasciitis, Fibromyalgia or have painful legs.

Mothers have realized that one of the best ways to relax after being on their feet for hours is to be on the massager. Some parents even sit with their snacks and enjoy a movie as they relax.

People whose jobs do not allow them to exercise their legs a lot, for example, truck drivers find the Reflex massager quite soothing. This is because it helps to relieve their feet and calves of the discomfort they experience.

The Human Touch Reflex-4 Foot and Calf Massager is also great for athletic people because it soothes their sore calves.


The Touch Reflex has ergonomic styling. This means that the tilt angle is flexible to match the ergonomics of your body. The result is the highest level of comfort you can imagine.

The sleeve inserts for the Reflex massager are both removable and washable.

The Human Touch Reflex-4 has great cirqlation technology. The technology used to manufacture the robotic actuators makes you feel like you are massaged by a professional.

The device has an adjustable tilt that allows you to sit in a perfectly comfortable position while getting the massage.


You need to be careful with the Reflex-4 if you had a previous injury. Those who have the Human Touch Reflex when the wound hasn’t healed properly or without supervision from an expert have aggravated their injuries.

Human Touch® Reflex 4 vs Reflex 6

The Human Touch Reflex 4 is another choice that you might want to consider.

When my feet are being massaged after a long day in the kitchen, I personally want to feel that such is not being done by any device, but by the actual hands of a masseuse.

This is the reason why I recommend the Reflex 4 model, as it comes with the Patented Figure-8 Technology, making it feel like a real person’s hands are messaging you.

Human Touch HT Reflex 2 Elite

“Reflex-2” Foot & Calf Massager with Patented Figure-8 Cirqlation Paddle Technology, Factory ReconditionedCheck Price

HT Reflex 2 is one of the most innovative massagers of modern times. Deemed as an elite massager, its abundance of useful features brings forward a sense of comfort and relaxation whenever and wherever possible.

It has underfoot massage rollers for the perfect resting place of any tired feet, and its advanced ergonomic styling makes the whole experience better by being able to adjust the angle at which the body rests on the seat. This special feature can be controlled to effectively manage any position on the massager.

Exclusive to the Human Touch Company, the Figure-Eight Technology unleashes a brand new wave of comfort never seen before in any other massager. The upward rolling motion enables unhindered blood flow in the circulatory system, allowing easier breathing and metabolism. The Figure-Eight name comes from the eight-like shape at which the massager moves when this feature is activated, and it also covers a large surface area for better results.

The overall usefulness of the Human Touch Reflex 2 is completed by the futuristic design. Not only does it look fun to use, it also introduces an experience that is similar to the real-life massage. When using this device, one would think that an actual professional is performing the massage, which is where the name ‘Human Touch’ comes from.

For active and busy people who seldom get time to rest themselves, let alone go out to get a massage, this machine is just what they need. Just one sitting would be enough to summon an aura of comfort that will last throughout the day.

Human Touch HT1350

I will not be recommending this model if I know that its quality is inferior. If there is one thing that I can assure you, it would be the fact that this is an effective massage machine that can provide the relaxation that is sought by your feet. Try it yourself, and you will understand why I have nothing but kind words about the product.

One of the best features of this model is the Figure 8 Technology, which is a patented innovation. This feature is responsible for being able to provide your feet with eight various massage techniques, depending on the area that needs to be relaxed the most. With the different movements that it can make, you will surely find what is best for your needs.

The controls are also conveniently placed, which will make it a snap for you to operate the unit. With such, you can easily access the buttons that can be used to activate the massager, as well as in the selection of the massage functions that you want.

More so, another feature that I personally liked this product is that it has three automatic massage functions. The first one is Refresh and Relax, which will allow you to enjoy alternating low and high speed and kneading. The second function is the Brisk Relief, which provides moderate kneading. The last is Underfoot Indulgence, which makes use of underfoot rotors for massaging.

The Easy Sleeve feature of this massage machine is another thing that makes this the perfect choice within the product category. The sleeves can be easily removed once it is already dirty. It is even made better by the fact that it is a breeze to clean, which will make it effortless to maintain its best possible quality even through the years.

Customer Reviews

If there is one good thing that I can say about this product, amongst many others, it would be the fact that it is highly effective in providing relief to sore feet. This is the same thing that has been expressed by many others in a variety of reviews about the product. For sure, this is one of the best ways to get spa-like treatments in the comfort of your own home.

Additionally, many of the reviews about the product were also focused on how it is versatile. It offers a variety of options when it comes to how it can be used. There are varying speeds and different massage functions that are available.

Lastly, the solid construction of this product is also commonly lauded in many reviews. It has solid built and used excellent materials, which are indicative of its ability to last for an extended period of time. This is also indicative of its ability to provide the best value for your money.

OSIM uPhoria Warm

With all of the calf and foot massagers I have seen in the past, one that I liked the most was the OSIM uSqueez. I was recommending this for tech-savvy users who enjoyed dealing with different innovative gadgets that could be controlled from a mobile device.

Since then the uSqueez model has been replaced by less techy but more functional massager, the OSIM uPhoria Warm.

With this machine, you will be able to choose between 8 massage programs, ranging from High-Heels to Sports Recovery.

OSIM uPhoria vs uSqueez

Do you want to know the difference between OSIM uPhoria vs uSqueez, stay tuned!

Slipper-Type Foot Massagers

We may ignore the needs of our feet yet they play an essential role in our general well-being. You need slipper type massagers to enable effective blood circulation, to help your muscles relieve the tension and fatigue they experience, to free you from foot pain and to help you sleep better.

For years, we have believed that massage is a luxury. You would be surprised to learn that it is actually a need. Your feet are constantly working to support your weight and take you from point A to point B. If they aren’t working, they’re cramped up in uncomfortable positions where they don’t get enough blood circulation. The slipper type massagers were made to relieve our feet of this discomfort.

It doesn’t matter if you want to have your foot massage at work or home because this technology can fit into either of these environments.

I had heard so much about the Slipper Type Massagers and I wanted to get one for myself. I then decided to ask around from user of the device and from the manufacturers also the information I needed before making that decision.

Manufacturers of the Slipper Type Massagers are clear on the fact that pregnant women and individuals suffering from severe foot problems should talk to medical professionals before using the massagers.

I discovered that there are various types of slipper massagers. Here are some examples.

QUINEAR Foot Massager QN-001F

QUINEAR Foot Massager with Soothing Heat 6 Levels Air Compression Intensities Deep Shiatsu Kneading Massage for Relax and TherapyQUINEAR Foot Massager with Soothing Heat 6 Levels Air Compression Intensities Deep Shiatsu Kneading Massage for Relax and TherapyCheck Price

I discovered that the foot QUINEA slipper type massager benefits those whose feet feel tired after a long day at work, teenagers who have trouble sleeping, ladies who put on heels for long hours, athletes because of muscle tension, long-distance drivers and the.

The manufacturers of the QUINEAR massager are clear on pregnant and breastfeeding moms consulting their doctor before using the equipment.

The QUINEAR foot massagrs your feet in a way that human hands can’t. The equipment is designed to give you superior massage and it pays more attention to the relevant parts of the knee to give you the soothing feeling.

Many QUINEAR users love the fact that they can use it with their families. The equipment has a removable inner cover with a removable lining which you can wash and put it back.

Many people appreciate the fact that the QUINEAR massager is light weighted. This means that they can carry it around and use it both at work and at home or move it from one position to another.

Others say that they love the simplicity of its button’s functions. There’s a button for kneading, another for heat, air pressure and for auto mode. Anyone can use it with ease.

The QUINEAR QN-001F is so quiet and so you can have it on as you watch a movie.

Individuals with wide feet and large shoe sizes complain that their feet do not fit into the massager. The largest size of QUINEAR in the US accommodates shoe size 10. If your shoe size is 11 upwards then your feet might feel squeezed inside it.

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings, And Switchable Heat Charcoal GreyMiko Shiatsu Foot Massager With Deep-Kneading, Multi-Level Settings, And Switchable Heat Charcoal GreyCheck Price

If you have tired and painful feet then the Miko Massager is available to change that situation. The massager helps to relieve your feet of tension and soreness and boost blood circulation.

Persons who suffer from conditions such as plantar fasciitis which leads to pain should use this massager.

The Shiatsu massager has various functions which you can benefit from. There’s one for knee kneading, another one that provides heat, a setting for rolling and then subtle vibration. It is advisable to start using the foot massager for 15 minutes each day until you get used to it.

From there, you can increase the pressure. The initial pressure level should be 1.

The technology comes in a sleek and portable design which you can put anywhere you want including in the closet or under the bed.

Users of the Miko say that they love the kneader on the device because of the deep intense massage it provides. This is the case even when you set it at the lowest level.

One thing that people who’ve used the equipment keep repeating is the comfort. This is possible because of the different settings. It has which. Thus, it can give you both light and deep pressure, depending on your preference.

Many admit that they look forward to using the Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager at the end of a long day because of the comfort it provides.

Some people reported that they felt pain in their feet while using the massager especially if their feet didn’t seem to fit perfectly into the device.

Instructions from the manufacturer of the Shiatsu massager says that using too much pressure can cause the pain. If you experience this, try using lower settings.

Mynt Shiatsu Foot Massager

Mynt Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading, Built-in Heat Function, Customizable Air Pressure and Full Foot Coverage from Ankle to ToeMynt Shiatsu Foot Massager with Deep-Kneading, Built-in Heat Function, Customizable Air Pressure and Full Foot Coverage from Ankle to ToeCheck Price

The Mynt Foot massager has been designed with high-level technology from the pads to the rollers. You get the feeling that you are using some professional superior massager when on the Mynt.

The Mynt gives you a full foot massage in a way that the average massage doesn’t. It performs the action to the different parts of your foot from the toes to the ankles.

One of the best things about the Mynt massager is that it is available in different styles. You can get the traditional Mynt, the modern one or the Japanese one. Everyone’s preference is taken care of within the various types.

The Mynt Shiatsu is more durable than the standard massager. It also heats up faster.

Users of the Mynt massager say they love the updated model. Gentle and relaxing are the words that come up when people explain how they view this technology.

Customers who are satisfied with the massager say that it is because the technology squeezes, massages and vibrates their feet with the amount of pressure they want. The 3 settings of the Shiatsu makes this possible.

The Mynt gives a deep foot massage that many people love. I realized that the machine really kneads your feet until you feel all the tension drifting away. The aspect of it adds another layer of massage to the device.

Some people complain that the foot massager produces a loud noise which can be annoying. However, those who have used the newer models say that they do not give off any noise.

Kneading and Vibrating Foot Massagers

If you are working on a tight budget, I suggest that you opt for feet massagers, rather than those that are also equipped with calf massagers. These products work through vibrating and kneading and are as effective in penetrating deeply for a relaxing massage.

Our RatingComments
MediMassager MMF06$$$$$
Gideon Deep Kneading Foot Massager$$$
Homedics FMS-270H$$with heat
HoMedics FMS-150H $with heat

Price ranges
$ – below $50
$$ – $50 – $100
$$$ – $100 – $150
$$$$ – $150 – $200
$$$$$ – more than  $200

The cheapest that you will find in this product category are those that use kneading discs or balls (these devices are in the price category below 50 dollars). On the other hand, the more expensive is the one that makes use of vibration in order to provide the stimulation that is needed by the reflex points on the feet.

Medi-Rub Massager 2000 Plus

Medi-rub Massagers MR-3F Foot Massager 2000 PlusMedi-rub Massagers MR-3F Foot Massager 2000 PlusCheck Price

If you have health issues, such as neuropathy and diabetes, one product that I can recommend is the Medi-Rub 2000 Plus.

Aside from its health benefits, it is also powered by a superior motor that allows you to choose from two different speeds.
People are often looking for good cheap leg massage machine for less than 50 dollars. If your budget is extremely tight, you should consider getting a wooden roller or rubber ball, but the most frugal massage device is a tennis ball.

Below you can find a couple of top rated foot massagers in price category under $50.

HoMedics FMS-270H

HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat | Deep-Kneading Rotating Heads & Soothing Heat | Large Design, Breathable Fabric & Toe ControlsHoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat | Deep-Kneading Rotating Heads & Soothing Heat | Large Design, Breathable Fabric & Toe ControlsCheck Price

The HoMedics FMS-270H will also prove to be a great choice.

I like the fact that it is one of the massagers that excel in terms of ease of use, which is basically because of the toe-touch control.

It is also good because of the production of heat that will surely have an added relaxing effect for the feet.

Mechanical Massagers For Feet

Wooden Rollers and Massage Balls

Foot Roller TM by Body Back CompanyWhen looking for the best choice in this product category, one that I can recommend is the Body Back Company Wooden Foot Roller Massager. I will recommend this if you are a person who travels a lot, such as for businessmen. Its size makes it portable enough to be easily fitted inside the bag wherever you go.

Select 20-537 foot massage ballMore so, I can also recommend the Select 20-537 foot massage ball. It is just as small as the baseball, which makes it easy to carry as well. In spite of the fact that it is simple to use, take some time to read the instruction manual provided to know some of the most effective techniques in massaging your feet with the use of such.

The Body Back Company foot roller and porcupine massager is another product that can be listed in your possible choices. It produces a healing energy that is effective in soothing the whole body, making it able to provide the relaxation that is sought for.

Tennis Ball

foot massage with tennis ballAre you worried about spending on feet massaging machine?

If you are concerned about it and if you play tennis, I would suggest the use of the tennis ball as an effective foot massager.

This is an effective, yet very cheap way to massage your feet.

Essential Foot Massager Features

Ease of Use

For sure, you want to have a foot massager so that you can have your feet relaxed after a stressful day. To feel more relaxed, make sure to choose a model that offers ease of use. For instance, the control should be carefully placed and accessible. It should be as simple as possible to operate.


This is one thing that is linked to ease of use. When the massager machine is comfortable, it does not only mean that it is a breeze to operate, but also that it is able to provide you with a more relaxing massage. One thing that can make a specific model comfortable is through having a cushioned surface where the feet will be placed. This will also allow the machine to follow the shape of the feet during the process of having it massaged.


Foot massagers can be expensive. This is especially true if you are buying an expensive brand that is elaborate in terms of features and functionality. In this case, make sure that the product that you are going to buy had a smart design and built using high-quality materials. This will provide you with the confidence that the unit will last for an extended period of time, even with frequent use.


By being flexible, it means that the massage machine must be able to provide you with different options on how you want the massage to be, such as in the case of the strokes that it does and the speeds that are available. A flexible foot massage machine can do precisely what you want and need to relax your feet.


As mentioned above, these appliances often are expensive. However, there are also affordable options that are available in the marketplace. If you are buying a cheap model, make sure to have it carefully evaluated to be guaranteed that quality is not compensated. More often than not, however, it is better to spend a little more if you know that it will deliver the best quality.

Top Rated Electric Massager Brands

uComfy Massagers

Ucomfy is a brand that makes many sorts of devices, and foot massagers are one of them.

The uComfy foot massager product line includes the uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager with Heat. This device makes use of the shiatsu technique by using pressure on the feet from all sides which helps to increase and improve circulation in the body. The intensity settings make this device all the better for you can change them according to your needs.

The second device, the uComfy Shiatsu Foot Massager 2.0 makes use of a combination of kneading, heat and vibration for the right 360 massage to relieve stress like no other. Here the unit helps to relax the ankles and claves while the vibrations help to stimulate circulation. This device too is customizable according to one’s needs and requirements.

The Ucomfy 8954 Leg and Foot Massager with Heat and the UComfy Leg, Foot, Calf, and Ankle Massager are very similar in terms of specifications. Both of these models are versatile because of their three-speed levels and three intensity settings, and 15-minute auto shut off timers. They also sport dual mode kneading disks and pressure nodes which help to provide all round massage to the feet. Unfortunately, both these models have been discontinued but the Giantex Shiatsu Kneading Rolling Vibration Heating Foot Calf Leg Massager is just the right alternative to anyone looking for similar specifications.

SPT Reflexology Massagers

Nothing beats stress like a good old foot massage, but with lack of time and opportunities spas are a far reach for most of us. SPT make a range of gadgets for healh-conscious people, including three models of foot massagers, all with something different and unique for different needs and requirements, yet with the basic set of massaging techniques so you get the comfort no matter which model you go for.

Below I will give a short introduction of each model. If you want to learn more about these massagers, please read my SPT Reflexology foot massager review.

The very first model being the SPT AB-762R, with a reflexology vibrating plate that ensures every inch of your feet gets the treatment.

This particular model is also very unique as it makes absolutely no noise while working.

Next comes the SPT AB-763B with four kneading heads to help massage the foot from every corner, while the rollers exert pressure on your soles using their nodes, and these together help create a three-dimensional massage, similar to the ones we get at spas.

Last of all the SPT AB-764 with its 6 shiatsu heads and auto timer with 4 massage settings with different levels of heat to create a realistic shiatsu massage right in your living room.

All three models all come with infra-red heating to keep your feet warm throughout the sessions and their elegant designs ensure they do not look a mechanical nuisance in the middle of your home. Post massage these machines help to effectively relieve stress and tension and leave you with a calm and stress-free body.


What is the Best Foot Massager Type?

The different types of leg massagers that I will recommend below have been given positive reviews in the past.

Although I do not have used all of them, the reviews from other people have helped me gather the list of some of the best choices that you can consider.

Who Would Benefit From Using Foot Massager?

There are several categories of people who will surely benefit from regular use of these massagers:

  • runners
  • people with peripheral neuropathy or diabetic neuropathy
  • people with poor blood circulation in legs
  • people with feet pain, sore feet, or swollen feet
  • people suffering from joint problems like arthritis and bunions
  • people with plantar fasciitis