Best Food Processor Under 100 Dollars (Updated December 2018)

By Barbara | July 14, 2018

This is my review where I will be trying to find the best food processor under 100 dollars.

Entertainment media hosts various cooking shows and brings celebrities like Michael Simmons and Mark Florence to the cooking table. Their innovative cooking and use of professional tools leaves us, the general mass in awe and with desperation to own those tools and use them as they do.

However, unlike them, we need to consider affordability as well as efficiency. So, here are some generalized features that belong to the top-tier food processors which can be bought at a lower budget. These are designer-approved and despite the lower price will still accommodate all your needs.

It’s a misconception that with cost-efficient food processors, visual attractiveness has to be compromised. A few prominent features native to designer class food processors can also be found in cost-efficient ones.

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3 Great Models Under $100 Reviewed

#1 Hamilton Beach 70575

Hamilton Beach 14-Cup Food Processor, with Big Mouth Feed Tube & French Fry Blade (70575)Check Price

“An all in one package” is how anyone would describe the Hamilton Beach 14 cup food processor with Big Mouth Feed Tube & French Fry Blade. Being able to fit whole fruits inside its body is the least of the features available to this extremely cost-efficient appliance. Customers call it great for slicing whole cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes and so on.

Its arsenal includes stainless steel blades which form into a reversible slicing/shredding disk, a chopping blade and an incentivized French fry disk, a series of full control over what’s cooking.

As crucial as processing speed is, a mash of different speeds would just be inconvenient to the user. So, for greater satisfaction, 3 speeds and a pulse mode have been provided for this state of the art kitchen tool.

To facilitate such a tenacious processing speed, the power prerequisites have been fulfilled with a power source of 525 watts. And to top it all off, the 14-cup bowl is exceptionally high performance and durable. Not only is it durable, but the entire thing is also very visually attractive.

For cost efficiency, the Hamilton Beach 70575 is one of the top tier products, with top-tier additional attachments and functionality that caters to all demands regardless of their nature. One would want to buy this unit when thinking budget before all.

#2 Cuisinart FP-8GM

Cuisinart FP-8GM Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor, GunmetalCheck Price

350 watts of powerful product preparing performance, is how one would describe the Cuisinart FP-8GM Elemental 8 Cup Food Processor. Aside from its commendable visual attractiveness, it comes in various colors and gradients, and this gunmetal version of the appliance is indeed a treat to the eye.

Equipped with measure marking, the 8-cup work bowl indeed provides a massive workspace within to play with. Additionally, the unit is equipped with reversible shredding and slicing disks which can operate from medium to fine depending on the requirements of the owner.

And, it even caters to the additional needs of the cook. Such as the integrated feed tube which serves to add even more ingredients during processing without disturbing the flow of work. Exhaust is also as important as the addition of components.

And, every part that can be removed is easy to clean and dishwasher friendly. For functionality, the processing speed is divided primarily into three different categories, and one of those is the “pulse” mode.

As user-friendly as the Cuisinart FP-8GM is, it is highly cost-efficient and will get the job done. Moreover, it even adds to the beauty of the kitchen and is a must-have for any cooking enthusiast.

#3 KitchenAid KFP0711WH

KitchenAid KFP0711WH Food Processor, 7 Cup, WhiteCheck Price

Visually attractive as it may be, the KitchenAid KPF0711WH 7-Cup Food Processor is a powerhouse hosting a 7 cup capacity, which is optimal for preparing meals for any generic family. Equipped with high, low and pulse speed options, the KitchenAid KPF0711WH caters to every need of the user for control of the processing speeds.

To further support the user and facilitate the smooth operations, a 2 in 1 feed tube has been introduced to add ingredients both small and big during processing, so that the continuous slicing and shredding workflow is not disturbed.

A clean kitchen is a sign of a hygiene conscious family. It is a saying the KitchenAid designers believed in and worked to achieve, creating the UltraTight Seal which serves the purpose of locking down the lids. There is also a leak-resistant ring that allows one to fill the work bowl to the brim and still during the processing, have nothing leaking out and messing up the kitchen.

Additionally, an internal adjustable slicing disc, a reversible shredding disc, and a multipurpose blade are attached as part of the entire package so that the user is satisfied promptly with the product and can use it to cater to his needs. As such, this beautiful work of art is very cost efficient and will go perfectly in any kitchen.

Buying Guide

Now let’s have a quick look at what you can expect from appliances that can be considered to be the best food processor under $100.

Bowl Capacity

Bowl capacity is a substantial contributing factor to the quality of a food processor. Unlike a poorly designed and inefficient appliance, a good one will accommodate a certain quantity of products measured in bowls.

Though the capacity ranges from 7 to 14 cups, a functional kitchen processor will accommodate the fair amount based on optimization.


The primary source of all functions, the power, is as essential to the food processor as it is to any other appliance that chops or blends. Power will range from 350 to 525 watts, and it’s necessary to be wary of fluctuations. A reliable kitchen appliance will host such power and with great consistency.

Processing Speeds

For different products, different kinds of processing speeds are required. A kitchen processor which is economical yet efficient will serve multiple purposes. At the very least two processing speeds will be prominent with a pulse effect added for additional uses.

Rather than catering to multiple needs in one manner, a versatile appliance will cater to various requirements with a specialized approach.

Attachments and Blades

A kitchen processor might be a mighty tool of modern technology. However, it still requires a few additional accessories and equipment to cater to the needs of the user entirely. But an excellent kitchen tool deals with it all in one package.

A Slice Disc, a Shredding Disc, and a Chopping S-Blade are the bare minimum of additions for a good quality processor set to satisfy the user.


What was once only something we would see star chefs use on TV has now become accessible to the masses?

Not only that, there is state of the art options available now within a tight budget, of which we’ve mentioned a select few to help you zero in on what would work the best for your needs.

I hope my article about the best food processors under $100 has helped you to make your decision.