VitaMix 5200 Variable Speed Countertop Blender Review

Making just about anything from smoothies to breaking grains and nuts, Vita Mix 5200 is more than just a blender.

When you are a person who loves a fresh fruit smoothie in the morning, some nutty desserts after lunch and a mashed potato at dinner, then this is the blender for your kitchen.

VitaMix 5200 reviewWhen you have this, you can make the things that you used to buy prepared.

Vitamix 5200 Features

Make Smoothies and More

When you are losing weight, this should be a part of your health plan. Yes, it totally deserves to be on your counter-top and be the one to prepare all the low-carb drinks you need.

Toss in the fruits and vegetables you want to be blended together and when this machine’s done, you’ll have the drink you need to shed those pounds away.

Whether you want a strawberry smoothie or a spinach juice blended with your favorite fruit, this is where you have to put those ingredients in.

The Roaring Monster

The loud roar of this blender makes you think of the power it is able to deliver. If you want high-performance blending, this is the machine you have to buy. It might cost you more when compared to other blenders, but I assure you that this is the only thing you need.

When your family has decided to settle on a new kind of diet, you might need the right equipment for that and I must say, there’s no other machine that would handle anything from soft fruits to hard nuts.

Other Uses of Blender

Keep your family on a healthy green diet with this VitaMix blender. You can make smooth soups and even nut butter with this machine.

The durable blade allows for cutting, grinding and blending all your ingredients. Not only that, all your smoothies, frozen desserts and steaming soups will be done consistently every time you use this machine.

Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix Pro 300

Vitamix 5200 vs 5300

Since writing this review the manufacturer has launched the successor of 5200 model, the new Vitamix 5300. I am still working on a comparison of these two blenders, but I can already tell that the 5300 is very similar to the more expensive G-Series 7500 model.

Vitamix 5200 Customer Reviews

To prove the true worth of a tabletop blender, the Vitamix 5200 appears with a host of features that has grabbed the attention of the loyal customers of the company.

Fruits, vegetables, soups, and everything else can be processed using this, but a certain lack of balance in the machine’s design may induce worries after sales.

What About The Price?

This might be quite in the expensive range but the benefits you get when you use this blender is more than what you actually paid for. If your whole family wants a low-carb diet, then you’d be preparing larger quantities of food with this blender, right?

The durability of this blender even if you use it for several times a day is more than the price you paid for. Also, you will find out that with the Vita Mix 5200 blender, your family’s diet will be more effective and everyone will be losing weight in no time.