Terro 2500 Fruit Fly Trap Review – One of The Best Insect Catchers

Everyone hates those buzzers flying around the room especially when you are preparing food in your kitchen.

There are different products that promise to eradicate those fruit flies but some seem to be total failures.

The Terro 2500 Fly trap has been effective in attracting flies and trapping them in the jar.

Terro 2500 packageWhen you have finally decided to get rid of those annoying flying insects that carry potentially harmful materials, get one of these traps and see for yourself.

Answer to your Fruit Fly Issues

If you are having issues with fruit flies and you have tried different traps as well as home concoctions and they all have failed you, it’s time to get the Terro Fruit Fly bait.

It is a nice-looking jar that is a little bit bigger than a golf bowl and it contains a solution to eliminate the insects.

Obviously, it would be the kitchen that might need this product but you can also use it on your patio if there are fruit flies there.

Place the Trap For Fruit Flies Trap in Strategic Places to Eradicate your Fly Problem

Fruit Fly Trap in actionYou can put the fruit fly killer in the counter or near your fruit basket or other kitchen utensils. Also, the trash can is one of the breeding grounds and attractive places for flies so you might as well put one there too. To completely solve your problem, you place another by the windowsill so just as they are entering they are already trapped.

Take out the population of these critters by using the fly trap. Remember to replace the trap after the liquid evaporates so you can totally eradicate the fruit flies.

Some people find that the flies land on the lip of the bowl and that makes it easier for them to kill the pests. The effectiveness of the fly trap depends on the fruit flies problem. Sometimes, it takes a few weeks to totally eliminate the obnoxious insects if you are using one or two traps.

Put the Terro 2500 Fly killer in wise places, where the flies frequent so you can make the most out of it. Stop running after the flies. Get some of these and let it do the work.

Customer reviews

The Terro 2500 Fruit Fly Trap has been well received by all of its users. This thing does what it was built to do: Trap and kill flies.

Customers have stated that anything fruit-flavored, even alcoholic drinks, are now safe because the trap attracts the troublesome fruit flies and gets rid of them. They mostly give the best results overnight and the red liquid needs to be replaced from time to time as soon as it has eliminated enough bugs.

It is small, requires no additional set-up, and does not leave any bad smell once the dead bodies of the flies start to get gathered up in it.

The only notable disappointment it has bought up is its effectiveness when compared to a home-made fly trap, which is sometimes not up to the mark. Despite that, the Terro 2500 is an effective kitchen tool.


  • safe to use around kids, food, and pets
  • suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  • available as 1-pack and 2-pack