Omega VRT350HD Low Speed Masticating Juicer Review

Omega VRT350HD (full name of this product is Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer) is considered as one of the best juicers in the market.

This  juicer has been created for people who are conscious about their health and are looking for a way want to get the maximum amount of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients out of the fruits and veggies they put in their juicer.

Omega VRT350 macticating juicerIf you search online, you will find lots of positive reviews about this juicer praising its features and construction that allows to process and extract juice from different types of products.

Patented GE’s ULTEM Material

One of the most prominent reasons why the VRT350 juicer is so good at juicing various types of fruits and vegetables (and even wheatgrass!) is its patented stone mill-like screw. This part of VRT350 juicer is 8 times stronger than standard auger you can find in juice machines from other brands.

It is possible because of the material used for this part. This screw is made of innovative ULTEM material manufactured by General Electric. ULTEM material is well known for its heat resistance and  solvent resistance.

The distinctive feature of this Omega appliance is low RPM speed. It produces only 80 RPMs (other juicers work at several thousands of RPMs). The low speed works best in preserving high levels of nutrients and vitamins in your juice because juice foams less and thus does not oxidize and lose the nutrient value. The juice will also taste better, and cleanup will be much easier.

High Juice Yield

Omega VRT juicers (not only 350, but also 330 and 400 models) are featuring Automatic Wiping System (AWS). AWS system uses silicone wiping blades to make sure that the HD juicing screen is clear of pulp. In this case maintaining the clean screen is not the purpose – AWS lets you get higher yield of juice.

It is proven by multiple tests and reviews that the VRT350 HD juicer (along with VRT330 and VRT400) produces significantly more juice than other juicers in the market.

This is great choice if want to benefit from more antioxidants and enjoy great juice flavor and freshness ensured by the juicing process provided by Omega VRT350HD that allows to avoid frothing and foaming.

Easy to Clean

As mentioned above, it is easy to keep your Omega VRT350HD juicer clean. You do not even have to take it apart for cleaning (we still advise to clean it thoroughly every now and then).

You just have to pour water in the machine and let it go through the juicer to flush away the the pulp that have been stuck to its parts after processing the previous batch of fruits and veggies.


Motor: 150 watt
Type of juicer: Masticating
Speeds: 80 RPM
Capacity  of Pulp Container: 64 ounces
Capacity  of Juice Jug: 64 ounces
Included Accessories: pusher
Warranty: 10 Years

Consumer Reviews

This juicing machine keeps getting high rating from consumers. Many users are saying that thanks to this Omega juicer they can enjoy delicious fresh juice every day without spending half hour to cleaning it.

Another thing people like is the quiet operation. This juicer does not howl and growl like many other models.

The most frequent objection is the price. There are potential buyers who say that the price is quite high. What can we say? Yes, it is expensive, but you will save your time on cleaning the device, and the juice quality and taste is second to none.

Similar models

We suggest to check out the Omega J8005.

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What’s in the Box

When you buy the VRT 350, you will get the Omega VRT350HD motor base, GE ULTEM dual stage juicing screen, a GE ULTEM Auger, and coarse dual stage screen.

Another included components are self-cleaning screen holder, bowl with attached extraction plug, two 32-ounce juicing cups, tamper, brush and an instruction manual.

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