Norpro Cast Iron Bacon Grill Press Review

Satisfy the big bacon fan in you by buying yourself a bacon press that will cook your bacon evenly. Make perfectly-cooked bacons for your sandwiches and burgers.

When you are expecting someone to come over, it is the time to show off your mouth-watering grilled sandwiches with the perfect meat inside.

Traditionally, cooks have used cast-iron presses to keep the bacon to its original shape.norpro bacon presses

Norpro follows to that tradition by making iron cooking tools and grill presses that can be used not only for pork but also for sandwiches and other meats.

Cast Iron Round Bacon Grill Press by Norpro

Norpro Cast Iron bbq PressesThis Norpro Bacon Press fits perfectly on your 12” skillet so you can easily place your meat there and then press it flat so it cooks evenly.

An additional advantage of having this tool is that you do not get burns anymore from the splatters of fat from the bacon.

The round kitchen utensil will also act as your shield against nasty splatters.

The instructions are included in the box so be sure to read how you should oil and heat this utensil before your first use.

Norpro Cast Iron Pig Bacon Grilling Press

Norpro Cast Iron cooking tool Complete your kitchen collection with this cooking tool . It is made of cast iron that flattens your bacon for even cooking.

When you are cooking bacon, you always notice that it curls every which way so you turn it every few minutes.

Now, all you have to do is use this Norpro Pig Press and the bacon will stay flat on the pan.

It comes in a novelty design that is very fun to own. Not only is it useful for pressing bacon, it can also be used for cooking grilled sandwiches and quesadillas.

Norpro Grill Bacon Press

Norpro Cast Iron Bacon Grill PressIf you are looking for a press you can use in the pan and on the grill, Norpro offers you several choices such as this Norpro Grill Cooking Press.

It comes in a rectangular design that will easily fit with your grill. It has a wooden handle that your gloved hand can hold on to.

This kitchen tool should be washed by hand in soapy water.

If you want your meat crispy and not overcooked, the cooking tool will definitely do the job in half the time it takes when cooking it in the conventional method.

Reminders on Seasoning and Cleaning

Remember to season the tool before you use it since it is made of iron. You can also preheat it to speed up your cooking. Brush some oil o your frying pan and oil the press as well. After that, preheat the press in low fire for 20 minutes.

Iron used for manufacturing these presses retains heat for some time that is why using a cooking press can also cut down your cooking time. After washing, make sure to add a coating of oil so it doesn’t rust.