My Favorite Kitchen Tools and Utensils I Cannot Live Without

Below you can find few of my favorite small kitchen tools and utensils I can hardly live without.

Fly Traps

Fruit flies are one of the biggest annoyances that are literary driving me crazy. Luckily there is a cheap and easy solution – Terro 2500 Fruit Fly Trap.

If you need a quick and easy solution to get rid of these pests and you don’t have time to go shopping, you can try making the DIY trap as shown in this video.

Kitchen Thermometer

Splash Proof Super Fast Thermapen Instant Read ThermometerIf you are a seasoned chef, you may think that thermometer is a silly toy used only by beginner cooks. I had a similar opinion until my husband got me Splash Proof Super Fast Thermapen Instant Read Thermometer for Xmas.

Now I am wondering how I have got away without this great gadget for so long. Cooking is a sensitive art that requires careful momentary heating, something a kitchen thermometer accurately depicts, and it lets the user know when a food has reached the desired temperature.

In addition to cooking thermometers, you may want to invest in a kitchen thermometer. The kitchen is inarguably the hottest room in a house. So it is of obvious importance to have the temperature of such a place always in check. A kitchen thermometer is capable of doing that, and more.

Latest kitchen thermometer models come with Bluetooth to allow effective multi-tasking while preparing food in a hectic environment.

Useful Stuff For My Sink

kitchen faucetOne of the fixtures that makes a real difference is a good kitchen faucet.

People are often tempted to get a cheap faucet, and they will later discover that they have got a load of problems as well.

These cheapies will last couple years and use them will be a real pain. Poor ergonomics, awful design, etc.

Another thing people often do not pay enough attention to is a value of having a well-designed soap dispensers for kitchen sink.

These days for 10-20 dollars you can get small nice dispenser which will not leak or tumble over. Add a bit more and you will get an automatic one.

Food Prep Tools

The two food prep tools that play a significant role in my kitchen every day are cutting boards and food scales.

While the benefits of having a good chopping board are obvious, the upsides of using the scale are less prominent.

I use it for cooking new dishes I am not familiar with, but my daughter weights all food she eats. Fitness obsession, you know.

Kitchen Storage

Oxo Good Grips POP Rectangle 1-1/2-Quart Storage ContainerIf you get a great set of food storage containers (like OXO Good Grip set I have reviewed HERE), you will not even consider getting a cheapo set from a discount store.

That is not exactly storage utensil, but still, I wanted to mention it – Copco Sierra cold tumbler (reviewed HERE) is great for taking cold beverages with you when you are on the run.


Riedel-Vinum-Chablis-Chardonnay-GlassesGlasses are the most alluring objects to be found in a modern kitchen. Drinking materials named after the substance they are made out of, glasses help in making any dinner a success and any meal enjoyable.

Glasses need to be made delicately, having beautiful external appearances while maintaining the required properties to hold liquid to drink at a moment’s notice. Wine glasses are exemplary models of glasses that are available in designs such as vintage, flute, tulip, sherry etc. to enjoy drinking different types of wines.

I have reviewed my favorite wine glasses from Riedel.