Jura-Capresso Impressa S9 Avantgarde Espresso Machine Review

Jura Capresso S9 Impressa allows you to make your perfect cup of espresso, cappuccino or latte in less than 60 seconds with a simple push of a button.

The Jura Impressa S9 Automatic Coffee Center is one of the fastest and most versatile machines of its kind in the market today.

Jura-Capresso 13215 Impressa S9 Avantgarde Automatic Coffee Center reviewThe Jura S9 is able to make various types of coffee as well as an unlimited amount of hot frothed and steamed milk for cappuccinos and lattes.

It features two stainless steel lined thermoblock heating systems that have a 96-ounce capacity, a traditional frother, and its own automatic froth Xpress Plus system.


Decalcifying will not be a problem as Jura Capresso’s 96-ounce container is removable and has Clearyl water care system.

Chilled milk can be heated, siphoned, frothed and dispensed cup after cup because of Impressa’s built-in Xpress Plus system.

For lattes, the setting can be tweaked so that the Automatic Coffee Center can produce hot steamed milk minus the froth.

Built-In Steel Grinder

You will be able to drink your preferred type of coffee bean as it comes with a commercial solid steel conical burr grinder that has 6 fineness settings.

This coffee machine also allows you to tweak settings such as temperature, strength and cup size while you are brewing as it comes with 4 one-touch individually programmed beverage buttons that each come with unique rotary dials.

Great For Homes, Offices And Small Restaurants

People who have used Jura-Capresso 13215 Impressa S9 have said that they love how the coffee machine is easy to use and how it is able to produce coffee based on their preference. Customers can make sure that the S9 will not be making noise while brewing coffee thanks to its low noise construction.

You can make sure that the Jura-Capresso 13215 is a complete hot beverage center as it also offers a separate hot water spout for tea, a separate ground coffee funnel as well as a stainless steel warming tray. The S9 is great to be used in homes, offices and small restaurants.

Customer Reviews

Jura is a trusted name in the line of anything related to coffee. So it does not come as a surprise when customers warmly receive the newest release of their coffee product line.

Comparing the price of the coffee sold in famous restaurants, home-made coffee using this machine is much cheaper and is of the same quality. The controls are easy to understand so that even someone with minimal knowledge in coffee will enjoy making classic drinks using it.

The features do not also need enhanced editing, as most of the levels are pre-adjusted to make an optimum cup of coffee. Its self-rinse method basically means it cleans itself, and extended knowledge of its own welfare lets it make the user aware of the need for manual rinsing.

It can calculate the levels of the materials it can use and is able to add in a large number of factors to make each drink unique in its own way.

Despite the fact that the Impressa S9 Avantgarde has been the subject of durability issues, especially those with an age of one year and above, it still remains one of the best coffee maker money can buy.