Haier TST240SS 4-Slice Digital Toaster Review

Toast for breakfast! Is that what you always have for your family?

Do you start your day with a buttered toast, toasted bagels, wheat bread or hot buns with your cup of coffee?

Then, I bet you deserve a great toaster that lets you get the right brown without the burn.

The new Haier TST240SS Long Slot Toaster is a great toaster to keep your bread hot and well-toasted every single day.

Haier TST240SSOther than that, you can toast breads together because the slot is long and wide to enable you to put more bread and heat them all at once.

This saves your time and keeps your buns hot and fresh.

Functionality To The Max

This bread toaster has many great features compared to conventional ones.

When you have to make several batches of bread toasts in your old toaster, then you do not have such hassle with this one. You can toast four large slices at one time. That way, you can serve more bread fresh out of the toaster for your large family.

Let’s be real – this cutie does its job, but we can not expect its features to match the features of toaster ovens.

Lift Extension and Tongs So You Don’t get Burned

If you plan on putting in small pieces of bread, of course your first dilemma would be how to pull them out once they’re done.

We don’t want you to get burned so you must know that this appliance has a lift extension that allows you to pull out those hot small breads without getting burned. For your safety, you can also use a pair of tongs.

Warming Rack For Always-Hot Bread

If you want to keep your bread hot while the water you’re cooking or doing something else, you can put on the warming rack.

With this integrated rack, you can place your bread on top of the toaster to keep them warm. See, there are many ways and functions that this Haier TST240SS serve you.

Wide Slots With Entertaining LED Lights

To accommodate different shapes and sizes of bread for the varying preferences of your family, the slots are wider and longer.You can place bagels, rye bread or buns in there, set the dial and wait for the toaster to finish.

What makes this toaster more endearing is the array of blue LED lights that lets you know how much time left before it’s done. Children find this really fascinating and can be a form of entertainment for them.

Crumb Tray For Easy Cleaning

There is a removable crumb tray to get rid of the morsels that get left behind. You can easily clean up after you started toasting.

The cord can be stored to keep your counter looking uncluttered and clean. It comes in a stainless steel finish to complement your other modern appliances in your kitchen.

This is the perfect toaster for your family, and that is why Haier TST240SS Digital Toaster deserves a place in your kitchen.