Best Food Dehydrator On The Market – Review And Comparisons (Upd 2018)

Love eating healthy dried products prepared using one of the Best Food Dehydrators of 2018?

There are now millions who have rediscovered the benefits of food dehydration, wherein healthy, nutritious and tasty products are achieved at huge savings, offering you sustainability.

Best Food Dehydrator Reviews 2014These appliances are considered as “flavor concentrators,” delivering each bite a mouthwatering burst of flavor. It is very easy as wash, slice and dry, a much easier foodstuff preservation method than canning or freezing.

As dehydrating does not damage the valuable nutrients in products which may be lost during high heat cooking in the pan or in the oven, nutrients are retained in the products so as its flavor. Drying needs no additive or preservatives, and dried products reduce in size making storage easier than food being canned or frozen.


Excalibur 3926TBAppliances from Excalibur evenly and efficiently dry anything. Excalibur 3926TB (3900 Deluxe Series) 9 Tray dehydrator can dry all kinds of products: fruits, vegetables, meats, and more!

Using this appliance you can make fruit leathers and home-made jerky, all fresh!

Trademarked with the horizontal-airflow drying system, produce is dried perfectly and evenly on all the trays as the warm air removes moisture and pushes moisture out the front of the machine.

Plus, these dry from 2 to 10 times faster than most other dehydrators. Other popular models from this brand are 3500 and 2500 – both with 5 trays.


Nesco FD 1040 Digital DehydratorNesco Dehydrators likeĀ Nesco FD-75PR are easy-to-operate kitchen appliances that allow you to dry slices of fruit and vegetables, herbs, and flowers, granola, or strips of jerky in hours instead of days.

These feature Converga-Flow drying system which works by forcing heated air up the units’ exterior pressurized chambers, exactly not through the trays, then forces the air horizontally across each individual tray, converging at the center.

This fast and even drying deliver uniformity, no flavor mixing and there’s no need to rotate the trays around during the drying process.

Check out also FD-80 and FD-1018P models.

TSM Harvest

TSM Products TSM Harvest Food DehydratorTSM Harvest food dehydrators are excellent for raw product cooking, perfect if you are embarking on your own raw foods journey.

TSM Products Dehydrator with 10 Shelves easily makes great tasting natural snacks, like jerky, fruit leathers, apple chips or any of your favorite dried fruits or vegetables.

These create horizontal air flow for maintaining even temperatures in the drying operation.


STX INTERNATIONAL STX DEH-600W BSTX Dehydra Food Dehydrators are excellent quality kitchen tools that feature Horizontal Air Flow System in drying/dehydration.

These were tested many times and now give assurance that these perform as good as any of the heavy duty home use dehydrators on the market today!

The trays accompanied in this appliance are made out of material that was approved as compliant with the US FDA, not containing any “BPA” (Bisphenol A).