My Best Kitchen Gadgets

Welcome to my kitchen!

I am a regular women who loves to spend most of the day in the kitchen. I have a large kitchen, stuffed with lots of appliances (my husband often says I have too many gadgets), and I love spending my time in this room even when I am not cooking or doing my dishes. I enjoy sitting at my dining room with my laptop and doing all the stuff normal people do with their laptops. LOL.

But I digress.

kitchenHere in my blog I am trying to tell about my experience of using different kitchen appliances and utensils. I still have a long shopping list of things I really really need for my kitchen (but dont tell this my hubby!), so I also spend plenty of time researching other people’s experience and reviews. That is another topic I love writing about – selections of best (and sometimes worst) gadgets for kitchen.

My morning starts with making a cup of coffee for myself and Sven (that’ s my husband, he is Swede, thus the name) and a bunch of toasts using my ‘regular’ toaster or toaster oven if I am feeling ambitious. Sometimes I make a glass of juice using my awesome juicer (one of the most expensive purchases I made last year!), but I am not big juice person, so it is only sometimes. My husband demands scrambled eggs and bacon every morning, so I have to put in use one of my cookware sets (I have 3!). I tell Sven not to play with my utensils and take away from him my instant read thermometer.

Then I put the remaining juice into my margarita machine and make a cold drink for Sven. I poor it in the cold tumbler, and off he goes.

Now it is cleaning time. Out cat is shedding his fur, so I can vacuum our house three times a day, and still there will be fur balls in a few corners. The cleanup process includes putting new fresh fly traps in place. Poor flies. But. Our house is a no-fly zone. Sorry folks.

So when it is done, I finally can start doing what I like the best. I fill up my hot water kettle, make a cup of tea, and prepare to enjoy my most productive time of the day, often already starting to look forward to the little reward I will give myself after finishing all my tasks – the leg massage. But I will tell you more about this another time. Ciao!

My Other Favorite Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen is the most important part of everyone’s house because you prepare edible things here. Your mood and working all things is related to your diet. If you take proper and balanced diet your mind and body works in a better way. When we work in kitchen we need several things like blenders and juicers because they make our work simple and easy as well as they save our precious time which we can utilize in other activities too.


Blenders are the first need if you spend your time daily in the kitchen because it helps you in many ways. There are several types of blenders and blender-food processor combos like some are with heavy motor whereas some have light motor. Some are very easy in carrying due to its design while some are better to fix at a particular place. Immersion blenders are also the part of our kitchen. It’s up to you that which type you select for your kitchen activities. For this you must see the size of your kitchen, if it has enough space, you can place any type of blender here. But if your kitchen is small, try to select the small size and light weight blender. It will take very little space of the kitchen.

Blenders are like cars, as car has unlimited design and features similarly; blenders have also several styles that give you best facility to use it. If you are going to choose a blender for your kitchen, you must see some essential features in it like the ease in keeping it as well as it should not take your more time in cleaning because there are several kinds of blenders which work outstanding but it takes enough time in cleaning. You must see that the cleaning of the blender must be simple and very short time taking otherwise you will not be able to do other work which are most important like to give time to your children that is your first responsibility.

If you choose right blender for your kitchen it means that you minimize your work and in this way you can save your half time which you spend in the kitchen.


If you are a mom the first necessity of your kitchen would be a best juicer by which you can get juice and give to your children because they are in growing age and they need juices of several vegetables and fruits on daily basis. When you survey the electronic market, you see several varieties of juicers and it is fact that sometime you become confuse that what to do and which one will be most suitable for you. In this way, we are giving you some points; keep them in your mind while purchasing juicer for your kitchen such as:

  • It should be very simple in handling.
  • It must take very little space to keep.
  • Focus on its cleaning; it should not take your most of the time.
  • It would be suitable for both vegetables and fruit.

When you keep these simple points in your mind, you bring a best juicer for your kitchen. Some common kinds of juicers are fusion juicer, centrifugal juicer and masticating slow juicers. You can select any one according to your need and feasibility. The latest juicer which is fusion juicer is getting too much popularity because it is the combination of centrifugal and masticating juicer.

If you are going to select a juicer for your kitchen, just search online market and it will give you the correct idea about the present types of juicer, the pros and the cons of them. A simple tip for the juicer shopping is that never see its only style, focus on its working then you will buy a most suitable juicer for you.

Save your time by the use of blenders and juicers because as a mom you have lots of responsibilities.



Best Rice Cookers On The Market – Cooker and Steamer Reviews 2014

Best Rice Cooker ReviewsRice is by far one of the most consumed crops in the world. There is probably no country in the world where people don’t eat it. It is the staple food in many South Asian countries.

However, the popularity or consumption is not just limited to the eastern world. It is widely popular in European and American countries as well. Whether it is delicious Mexican meatball rice or scrumptious Italian risotto, you cannot make them without rice.

Now, many think cooking rice is an easy job, but this is where common cooks make mistakes. Cooking it to perfection can be one of the trickiest tasks ever. Even, many prestigious chefs get terrified by boiling rice to perfection.

If kept for too long, they can be too soft and soggy or if removed too early from boil they can be rubbery hard. These are common problems that Asian housewives face daily in their kitchens.

Mistakes in cooking rice can spoil the whole meal. Sometimes, just cooking to perfection is not just the issue. Spending time to cook the same item daily can be tedious. Especially if you have problems regarding fuel supply, preparing this product becomes even more difficult.

To overcome these problems rice cookers have emerged. They were first developed in Japan. It takes about 30-60 minutes to cook rice in these cookers. They can cook to perfection and most importantly, you do not need to stand in the hot kitchen to see if rice is cooked or not.

Let’s take a look at the features, shall we?


Whether you are looking for a cooker that is good for a small family or a big group of people, Aroma will have the perfect product for you. Their steamers can cook from 1 to 60 cups of perfectly cooked rice that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The solid construction of their cookers is one thing that is worth highlighting. The use of stainless steel as one of the primary materials will give you the confidence that the product will be functional for a long time, and hence, being able to provide the best value for money.

Aroma 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker and Food SteamerAroma rice cookers are also-multifunctional, allowing you to do more while requiring less time. For instance, even while you are cooking rice, you can also stew vegetables and steam meats at the same time. To add, their cookers can also be used for making jambalayas and soups, among others.

The transparent lid in some of their cookers is also a good thing. Because of this, you can better monitor how the cooking process is going without the need to remove the cover and let the steam out. The lid is also made from high quality material that can resist breakage.


Zojirushi NS-TSC10 5.5-CupMicom Rice Cooker and WarmerOne of the best things about the rice cookers from Zojirushi is the use of Fuzzy Logic technology. With this, you can expect that the cooker will have the ability to automatically modify the heat and temperature based on the progress of cooking, assuring you with more consistent and better results.

Several steamer models (e.g. NS-YAC10 and NP-NVC10) feature the Umami setting. This will provide you with the ability to have rice that will have an enhanced flavor. This will allow you to have more savory rice, which is seldom achieved when regular models of cookers are used.

Many of the users of Zojirushi cookers have also liked the integration of an LCD screen at the top of the appliance. This will make it easier for you to monitor the progress of cooking and to clearly see the commands that you have inputted.

There are also several cooker models from Zojirushi that makes use of induction heating mechanism in order to achieve perfect results. This kind of heat has been commended in many expert reviews because of a different way to cook rice, which is recognized a better compared to conventional heating.


Tiger Corporation JBV-A10U Micom 5.5-Cup Rice Cooker and WarmerWith the warming function of the different rice steamers manufactured by Tiger, it will be possible for you to have the rice hot even if it has been cooked for already 12 hours. This will prove to be good if you want to cook rice that can be eaten for the entire day.

In addition, when looking for rice cooker, contemporary design is also a primary consideration. The Tiger cookers have elegant designs, making them perfect addition to your kitchen. It is not only functional, but also visually appealing.

Many of the people who have the different models from this manufacturer have expressed their satisfaction over the fact that it never overcooks the product. It makes sure that it is cooked the right way. It is also common for its users to express good words over the quick cooking function of their products.

When reading what other people have to say about Tiger rice steamers, it is also a common trend for its users to be happy about the durability of these products. Some of them have been using their Tiger cookers for more than 10 years, and yet, they are still functional as they have used it the first time.


Panasonic SR-DE103 5-Cup Fuzzy Logic Rice CookerThe Advanced Fuzzy Logic Technology is also integrated in some of the models of rice steamers from Panasonic. This is a good feature because it automates the adjustment of power and heating in the rice being cooked to provide you with the confidence that the results will be consistent.

In addition, some of their cookers have push-button lid release, which makes it more convenient to open the unit when you need to remove the rice from steamer. This is contrary to conventional cookers wherein you have to manually lift the cover if you want to get some rice.

If you are looking for flexibility, Panasonic steamers will also be god choices. Depending on the specific model that will be chosen, there are various pre-programmed buttons and settings. This will allow you to easily select the cooking function that will be required.

Panasonic is one of the best brands in kitchen appliances, including steamers and cookers. With this, you can be assured that whatever model is chosen, it will be reflective of the commitment of Panasonic to high quality and the highest level of satisfaction of their users. Regardless of the model that will be purchased, you can be confident that it will be able to function as anticipated.


Sanyo EC-503 3-Cup Rice Cooker and Vegetable SteamerThere is also a wide selection of micro-computerized cookers that are available from Sanyo. They are specifically designed to deliver intelligent functionality, such as being able to adjust automatically depending on the progress of the cooking that has been completed.

The design of Sanyo rice cookers is well-thought. For instance, in some models, the lid is made in such a way that boiling over will be prevented. In addition, some are also designed to have the mechanism of being able to collect dew to make sure of perfect cooking.

While there are some steamers that are equipped with elaborate functionality, including some models from Sanyo as well, there are also some that are equipped with simple buttons making it a breeze to operate. Some have one-touch functionality in order to make it easier for you to start cooking.

On the other hand, there are also some models that are equipped with various buttons on the panel, which is also a god thing because you will have various cooking options and will offer more flexibility in cooking, although some might find it quite complicated to operate.

Black & Decker

Black and Decker RC3406 Six Cup Rice CookerOne of the best things about the rice cookers from Black & Decker is the stay cool handles, both on the lid and on the sides. This means that even after cooking rice, and while keeping it warm, you will be assured that the handles will not be hot.

In addition, according to many of the users of the different models of steamers from Black & Decker, they are commendable because of having a cooking pot that is not only non-stick, but is also easy to clean, whether you decide to clean it manually or with the use of a dishwasher.

The locking lid is also a commendable addition to the design of some of the models of Black & Decker cookers. With this, it is possible to seal the moisture inside, which, in turn, will result into having perfectly cooked rice, including being fluffier.

Lastly, simplicity is also essential to the popularity of the rice steamers from this manufacturer. It lacks the complication that is often experienced by many people in the operation of other models of such product.