My Best Kitchen Gadgets

Welcome to my kitchen!

I am a regular women who loves to spend most of the day in the kitchen. I have a large kitchen, stuffed with lots of appliances (my husband often says I have too many gadgets), and I love spending my time in this room even when I am not cooking or doing my dishes. I enjoy sitting at my dining room with my laptop and doing all the stuff normal people do with their laptops. LOL.

But I digress.

kitchenHere in my blog I am trying to tell about my experience of using different kitchen appliances and utensils. I still have a long shopping list of things I really really need for my kitchen (but dont tell this my hubby!), so I also spend plenty of time researching other people’s experience and reviews. That is another topic I love writing about – selections of best (and sometimes worst) gadgets for kitchen.

My morning starts with making a cup of coffee for myself and Sven (that’ s my husband, he is Swede, thus the name) and a bunch of toasts using my ‘regular’ toaster or toaster oven if I am feeling ambitious. Sometimes I make a glass of juice using my awesome juicer (one of the most expensive purchases I made last year!), but I am not big juice person, so it is only sometimes. My husband demands scrambled eggs and bacon every morning, so I have to put in use one of my cookware sets (I have 3!). I tell Sven not to play with my utensils and take away from him my instant read thermometer.

Then I put the remaining juice into my margarita machine and make a cold drink for Sven. I poor it in the cold tumbler, and off he goes.

Now it is cleaning time. Out cat is shedding his fur, so I can vacuum our house three times a day, and still there will be fur balls in a few corners. The cleanup process includes putting new fresh fly traps in place. Poor flies. But. Our house is a no-fly zone. Sorry folks.

So when it is done, I finally can start doing what I like the best. I fill up my hot water kettle, make a cup of tea, and prepare to enjoy my most productive time of the day, often already starting to look forward to the little reward I will give myself after finishing all my tasks – the leg massage. But I will tell you more about this another time. Ciao!

My Other Favorite Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen is the most important part of everyone’s house because you prepare edible things here. Your mood and working all things is related to your diet. If you take proper and balanced diet your mind and body works in a better way. When we work in kitchen we need several things like blenders and juicers because they make our work simple and easy as well as they save our precious time which we can utilize in other activities too.


Blenders are the first need if you spend your time daily in the kitchen because it helps you in many ways. There are several types of blenders and blender-food processor combos like some are with heavy motor whereas some have light motor. Some are very easy in carrying due to its design while some are better to fix at a particular place. Immersion blenders are also the part of our kitchen. It’s up to you that which type you select for your kitchen activities. For this you must see the size of your kitchen, if it has enough space, you can place any type of blender here. But if your kitchen is small, try to select the small size and light weight blender. It will take very little space of the kitchen.

Blenders are like cars, as car has unlimited design and features similarly; blenders have also several styles that give you best facility to use it. If you are going to choose a blender for your kitchen, you must see some essential features in it like the ease in keeping it as well as it should not take your more time in cleaning because there are several kinds of blenders which work outstanding but it takes enough time in cleaning. You must see that the cleaning of the blender must be simple and very short time taking otherwise you will not be able to do other work which are most important like to give time to your children that is your first responsibility.

If you choose right blender for your kitchen it means that you minimize your work and in this way you can save your half time which you spend in the kitchen.


If you are a mom the first necessity of your kitchen would be a best juicer by which you can get juice and give to your children because they are in growing age and they need juices of several vegetables and fruits on daily basis. When you survey the electronic market, you see several varieties of juicers and it is fact that sometime you become confuse that what to do and which one will be most suitable for you. In this way, we are giving you some points; keep them in your mind while purchasing juicer for your kitchen such as:

  • It should be very simple in handling.
  • It must take very little space to keep.
  • Focus on its cleaning; it should not take your most of the time.
  • It would be suitable for both vegetables and fruit.

When you keep these simple points in your mind, you bring a best juicer for your kitchen. Some common kinds of juicers are fusion juicer, centrifugal juicer and masticating slow juicers. You can select any one according to your need and feasibility. The latest juicer which is fusion juicer is getting too much popularity because it is the combination of centrifugal and masticating juicer.

If you are going to select a juicer for your kitchen, just search online market and it will give you the correct idea about the present types of juicer, the pros and the cons of them. A simple tip for the juicer shopping is that never see its only style, focus on its working then you will buy a most suitable juicer for you.

Save your time by the use of blenders and juicers because as a mom you have lots of responsibilities.



Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffee Machine Review

Nespresso D290 Concept Espresso and Coffeemaker reviewNespresso D290 espresso machine has developed a unique extraction system that is specially adapted to capsules to help you make your perfect cup of espresso.

The D290 from Nespresso brings out the taste and aroma of coffee as its renowned partners and designers have particularly designed the machine to combine high quality and ease of use.

The D290 is part of Nespresso’s concept line that features a modern and practical design and features a technology that is essential in preparing great cups of espresso and is easy to use as well.

You will be able to enjoy your cup of coffee fully as the Nespresso’s 19-bar high pressure pump extracts all aroma and develops a smooth cream in your cup. You will also be able to control the amount of jave in your cup.


Temperature adjustment. This machine allows you to adjust the temperature of your brew while brewing as it has a built in electronic temperature regulation.

Different flavors. You have a variety of options for the flavor of your coffee as the espresso and coffeemaker includes an assortment of 12 capsules.

Convienence. The D290 is convenient as well as it automatically ejects used capsules. The espresso and coffeemaker’s simple system also ensures that the ground coffee is properly soaked so that it is optimally filtered.

Thermobloc. One of the Coffeemaker’s best features is its thermobloc which is able to heat water up to 196 degrees during extraction and also empties the remaining water after each use so that the water will be fresh with every preparation.

Other useful and helpful features of the D290 coffee maker include a functional Jaw system which allows easy coffee preparation, a removable 34-ounce water container, a tray used for capsules and a back-lit control button.

What Users Say About D290?

Many people who have used the D290 Espresso and Coffeemaker have said that the machine is simple to operate and that it is able to produce the brain juice that they prefer.

They have also mentioned how quickly the machine makes coffee without compromising the flavor of the coffee. Most reviews said that buying a Nespresso Concept D290 is worth every penny.